By Dr. Rick Koole
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'Mother's Day' honors a humble person


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This Sunday, many people will be privileged to spend time honoring mothers. For me and many others, the day will bring back a flood of memories about my mother and all that she did and was. Like many people, my mother was blessed with a number of fine attributes, and one of the most endearing was her genuinely humble spirit.

Saint Francis of Assisi had so many accomplishments he could have bragged about, but despite his many successes, he was best known for his humble spirit. Once someone asked him how he could accomplish so much and not become proud or arrogant.

“This may be why,” he said. “The Lord looked down from heaven and said ‘Where can I find the weakest, littlest, meanest man on earth?’ Then he saw me, and said, ‘I’ve found him; he won’t be proud of it; he’ll see that I am using him because of his insignificance.’”

People have a way of spotting pride in a person. And it’s no surprise that one thing they can’t stand is arrogance. And yet, everyone is drawn to humble people, to individuals with genuine humility.

Dr. A.B. Simpson spoke of the fringe benefits of humility when he said, “Humility will save you from self-consciousness. It will take away from you the shadow of yourself and the constant sense of your own importance. Humility will save you from self-assertion and from thrusting your own personality upon the thoughts and attention of others. Humility will save you from the desire for display, from being prominent, from occupying the center of the stage, from being the object of observation and attention, and having the eyes of the world turned upon you.”

I love working with humble people. They’re the greatest. Following is a list of what I’ve personally observed about humble people.

● Humble people don’t seek recognition or honor

● Humble people don’t attempt to steal the credit

● Humble people are quick to forgive others

● Humble people are not easily offended

● Humble people aren’t jealous when God blesses their friends

● Humble people don’t find pleasure in the misfortune of others

● Humble people don’t secretly believe they deserve better than others

● Humble people are peace makers

● Humble people don’t take blessings for granted

● Humble people accept suffering as an opportunity to grow

● Humble people have tender consciences

● Humble people admit their weaknesses

● Humble people don’t let compliments go to their head

● Humble people will be blessed by God

The Bible tells people that though others may not see the works of the humble, God does. It tells them that “God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” In addition, the Bible says, “God does not forget the cry of the humble.”

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and when I think of humble people, I think of my mother. My mother had the quiet distinction of working with toddlers for nearly 40 years in the church I grew up in. She never sought or received recognition for her tireless ministry to the children of the church. During her 40 years working with several generations of toddlers, multiple pastors came and went. They received the recognition my mother never experienced; however, I know it didn’t bother her for she was a truly humble person.


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