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Is anyone missing chicken eggs?

Not long ago I was ambling down my driveway to get my morning paper. I glanced down to see an apparently unbroken chicken egg on the ground. I made a mental note of this and promptly forgot about the egg.

The next morning, I spotted several more eggs where I had seen the first one. These eggs were broken and eaten. What was going on? I was wondering where these eggs were coming from. I live on Macadamia Drive, not far from Red Mountain.

This occurred every day like clockwork. Eggs broken and eaten. I assumed some animal had stolen or "poached" these chicken eggs. One mystery was solved when I saw a very large raven fly over with a chicken egg firmly clutched in its beak!

This was a new one on me. I didn't know birds could do this. I know ravens will eat almost anything, including but not limited to rats, but eggs? Now I know what "poached" the eggs, but I'm still puzzled as to where these birds are getting the eggs.

Does anyone out there have any idea about the source of these eggs? Someone has to be missing many chicken eggs. I guess free-range means just that!

Keith Crumbo


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