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Last updated 6/17/2019 at 10am

LOS ANGELES – The Vaccine Injury Awareness League’s mission is to ignite compassion, understanding and respect in the area of vaccine injuries.

We believe vaccine-injuries are real and becoming more prevalent. We aim to inspire independent research and awareness such that parents make fully informed decisions.

Proposed California Senate Bill 276 will change the doctor-patient relationship. The state will decide if a child is eligible for a medical exemption to attend school, effectively removing the doctors’ roll of making professional decisions based on patient history.

Channel 4 news segments aired Tuesday, June 4, on NBC San Diego News, Rory Divine’s Investigative Report, and in the article below, it links to Josh Colman’s story of his son permanently in a wheelchair after vaccination,

Joshua Coleman’s Oppose SB276 Speech can be found at

Summer Bolger, who was interviewed in the NBC News Report added, “We need to honor and respect those individuals and families who have been harmed from vaccination the same way we should honor and respect those who have been harmed by the disease.

“At the Senate Health Committee Hearing there were doctors both in Opposition and Support of SB 276. It is crazy to me to see doctors raise their hands in essence saying, ‘Yes, please take away my rights as a doctor.’ Instead, the doctors should be marching in the streets demanding better education that teaches them how to recognize who shouldn’t be vaccinated and how to recognize and report vaccine injury. When a doctor administers a vaccine, they need to be well-informed of the harm listed in the vaccine insert and follow up with the patient afterward,” Bolger said.

The Medical Board of California refuses to give full support to medical exemption bill. View the video at for more information.

Medical Board of California committee members express multiple concerns with SB 276; a transcript of concerns from the Medical Board of California committee members with SB 276, May 28, can be read at

Submitted by the Vaccine Injury Awareness League.


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