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127 West Social House provides Fallbrook diners with excellent restaurant experience


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Faro Trupiano stands at the bar inside 127 West Social House.

With remarkable food, service and stories rooted in Fallbrook, 127 West Social House has become more than a notable restaurant; it's a Fallbrook experience.

According to owner Faro Trupiano, the building dates back to the 1880s and was home to a few restaurants before 127 West. Trupiano was confident that this history, as well as his history with the town, would help provide him with the support he needed in his new endeavor.

"This was so much outside of my comfort zone," Trupiano said. "For my whole restaurant career I had only known Italian restaurants and Italian food, so to do something so far out of the box was a little uncomfortable, but because I had my Italian restaurant, Trupiano's, up the street, I felt like I had a good following...even though I was unsure of whether Fallbrook was ready for a 127 concept, I just felt confident that, whatever I did, the Fallbrook people would support me."

They were there, and Trupiano said that 127's opening was a huge success, but just 15 short months after opening, disaster struck.

On April 7, 2016, a fire destroyed most of the interior on the first floor of 127 West. It was clear that the road ahead wasn't going to be an easy one, but Trupiano wasn't giving up on 127 West.

"I felt like I had given something to Fallbrook, and I just wasn't going to let a fire take that away permanently," Trupiano said.

After the fire, the building was renovated, and the restaurant has since been brought back "from the ashes," as their website says.

"We've reopened, I feel like we're kind of better than ever. The support has been fantastic. It's been an interesting journey for sure," Trupiano said.

That journey has led to a beautiful restaurant that aims to provide an excellent all-around experience as soon as you enter the building.

"One of the biggest compliments I get is that people get kind of transported to a different place," Faro said. "They're like 'oh this reminds me of a place in San Francisco, or Orange County' and I feel like they're so proud to have a place like this in their small hometown. It's really neat and satisfying for me, and rewarding."

After a sleek and stylish interior, the next step in creating 127's great dining experience is excellent customer service. The majority of 127's servers have been with the restaurant since the beginning, and their knowledge of the menu and pride in the restaurant make for a great atmosphere. Trupiano hopes that the excellent customer service offered comes across as soon as people are greeted.

The final aspect of creating the ultimate experience at 127 is the food. The restaurant's menu changes to reflect what's in season and what there's an abundance of at the moment.

"Since 127 has so many regulars, they love that they can come in here and see something different than what they saw last week," Trupiano said.

The kitchen is also a "scratch kitchen" which means that everything from sauces to dressings is made from scratch in house.

"People see it; they taste it," Trupiano said. "They appreciate that there are all these different flavors going on. That starts from the ingredients and morphs into these amazing tasteful dishes that are also beautifully presented."

So beautifully presented, in fact, that some diners have said that some dishes at the restaurant, like the pizzas, are too pretty to eat.

"Our pizzas have really become a driving force of our business because they're so good, they're so pretty, and they're really outside the box of what you would get at a traditional pizza place," Trupiano said.

The pizzas are a hit, but the Fallbrook Burger is 127's most popular menu item at the moment. The Fallbrook Burger is made up of "Fallbrook avocado guacamole, Applewood bacon, pepper jack cheese, garlic aioli, lettuce, tomato and brioche" according to the 127 website. Trupiano thinks its popularity has a lot to do with the avocado, which is a Fallbrook staple.

Besides an incredible menu with beautiful pizzas and mouth-watering burgers, 127 also boasts an impressive selection of beers and wine.

"The fact that you can come in here and try 20 different beers, people are just mind blown by that," Trupiano said.

The combination of aesthetic interior, excellent service, and fantastic food is what Trupiano believes makes 127 a restaurant where people leave satisfied.

"My desire is that when people walk out, they feel proud," Trupiano said. "They're proud of Fallbrook; they're proud of 127; they can't wait to invite their friends or their family visiting from out of town."

127 West Social House is located at 127 W Elder St.. For more information, call (760) 645-3765 or visit their website at

127 West is named after its location at 127 W Elder St.


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