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Fuel summertime fun the sustainable way – refuel your fun


Last updated 7/15/2019 at 12:52pm

SAN DIEGO – It’s time to gear up for greener grilling, eco-conscious camping and tailgating with less trash. Fuel summertime fun without the added waste or cost by making the switch from disposable to reusable 1-pound propane cylinders. Combining the portability of 1-pound cylinders with the sustainability of refillable propane tanks makes the reusable 1-pounders an ideal solution for outdoor recreation enthusiasts and grill masters alike. With a reusable 1-pound propane tank, there is no need to sacrifice conservation for convenience.

In California alone, four million disposable 1-pound propane cylinders are sold each year. But where are all of these cylinders ending up? Because of the pressurized design, single-use cylinders are extremely dangerous if disposed of incorrectly. If cylinders contain even a small amount of gas, they can pose a serious threat to sanitation workers due to the risk of explosions and fires.

Therefore, disposable propane cylinders must be taken to a household hazardous waste facility or collection site to be emptied and recycled for the metal value. Finding the time to get to the household hazardous waste facility is not always convenient. Upgrading to a refillable cylinder prevents harmful pollution and eliminates the extra step of disposal altogether.

Refillable propane cylinders are the better option not only for the environment but also consumers’ wallets. Disposable cylinders can cost anywhere from $4 to $7. When the price of single-use cylinders is broken down, only 20% actually goes towards gas. Consumers end up spending four times as much for the packaging than the gas.

Alternatively, refillable 1-pound cylinders have an initial cost of about $12 to $17, a 10-year lifespan, and the ability to be refilled hundreds of times for about $2 per fill up. Reusable 1-pound cylinders help consumers save hard-earned money instead of burning through cash.

Though adapter kits are available online, using them can be extremely dangerous option and is not advised. Instead, cylinders that are manufactured to be refilled are available at more than 135 U-Haul locations across California, select REI locations and other sports and outdoor recreation stores. They may also be purchased online through numerous vendors. For a complete list of retailers and authorized refill locations, visit

Before switching to a reusable cylinder, any previously purchased single-use cylinders that still contain fuel should be used up fully and taken to a household hazardous waste facility for recycling. Residents can find the closest drop off location or event and get recycling questions answered by visiting San Diego County’s Recycling and Household Hazardous Waste database at or calling (877) 713-2784.

Power those summertime activities while preventing pollution. With a refillable 1-pound propane cylinder, it is simple, safe and sustainable to refuel your summer fun.

Submitted by I Love A Clean San Diego.


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