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Re: 'Affordable Care Act – revisit ad absurdum' [Village News Terrell Letter, 7/11/19]


Last updated 7/29/2019 at 7:25am

We will never agree on government run Medicare Health Care for All, so to save my sanity I’m done. I just pray I get to keep my private-run plan that I love. To give the government a fifth of our economy to run into the ground...well, it’s insane. We had eight years of “Obamacare” and look what that got us. I got to pay more for others to have health care that they could have already received it had they signed up for medical through the state.

The top 20% of Americans paid 87% of the taxes paid into the federal government so if those same people along with trickle down to middle class me who got a tax break than they deserve it. To constantly soak the rich is un-American and immoral to say the least. They create companies and jobs, they spend their money that create other jobs. I have never in my life seen or have known a poor person to create any jobs.

I am sick of the elites always bad-mouthing the rich for what they have earned or made in life. Even if they are trust fund babies, so what? Stop being envious and jealous of what they have and always trying to take what is theirs. It is a sin to covet your neighbor’s goods.

To say “they should pay their fair share,” again they pay 87% of the taxes paid. The Bernie Sanders of the world want them to pay 80%-90% of their earnings. Who the heck in their right mind would work to keep 10%-20% of what they make. Even God only asks for 10% of what we make, yet most people I know give much more than that.

This has been the best economy we’ve had in decades, so again, thank you Mr. President Donald Trump.

By the way, only liberals, socialists, commies and young adults, who will someday realize nothing in life is free, read the liberal news and websites. It’s all fake news and when you go to fact check it, it is all false reporting if you can call it reporting and outright bogus lies. Let’s have some fun with New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her rhetoric.

Dianna Miller


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