Supervisors Gaspar and Desmond rail against SANDAG's congestion pricing scheme


Last updated 7/29/2019 at 7:26am

NORTH SAN DIEGO COUNTY – A North County coalition held a news conference Wednesday to explain how SANDAG’s proposed new pricing scheme called “congestion pricing” would track when and where San Diegans drive and then charge a fee for driving on highways and arterial lanes during peak hours.

“It is outrageous that we would be charged yet again to use our roads and highways,” Supervisor Kristin Gaspar said. “I’m committed to fighting against this track and tax scheme and to making sure we do everything we can to meet our greenhouse gas reduction mandates without penalizing average citizens for going about their daily lives.”

Californians already pay more than 75 cents in taxes for every gallon of gas. San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones, who is part of the coalition, said, “Forcing San Diegans to pay again to drive on local arterial roads and current highway lanes would be financially catastrophic, punishing people for wanting to be independent and wanting to live their lives is simply wrong.”

Other members of the coalition in attendance were Escondido Mayor Paul McNamara, Carlsbad Mayor Matt Hall, Oceanside Mayor Peter Weiss and Vista Mayor Judy Ritter.

Hunter Industries based in San Marcos, employs 800 people. Company representative Scotty Lombardi said, “Talent acquisition is critical, and employees are making choices about where to work based upon their ability to balance work and life. Sitting in traffic is not conducive to meeting this business challenge.”

The coalition is encouraging San Diegans to weigh in with their opinion at


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