Re: "Bogus investigation was a waste" [Village News letter 8/8/19]


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It is difficult to understand how anyone's brain can be so mired in the mud as to be blind to the investigations and findings of the real Trump. I can't imagine that our FBI and CIA are in their entirety crooked and evil.

Every group or organization or business in general has its share of a few bad apples. The Mueller report was real and honest and the American people need to hear the facts which were uncovered.

Immediate impeachment should be made against Trump and immediate prison for treason, tax evasion, pedophilia, should be thrust upon him. Now with the suspicious death of Jeffrey Epstein, I'm guessing a murder or murder for hire charge.

My husband has a different theory: Epstein has amassed enough money and holdings that he is alive and hiding out somewhere, and another man with similarities to Jeffrey Epstein was brought in and murdered.

Either way, don't waste any more of our time protecting this President until after he retires on a President's income and privileges. Political correctness and Roberts' Rules of Order should be thrown out the window and we should, to preserve the United States of America, follow through now with these proceedings.

How anyone could look at the wonderful President Hillary Clinton would have been or what a huge success for the United States made by President Barrack Obama and even come across a comparison with Trump is beyond me.

Ann Harter


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