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CWA pipeline repairs completed under budget


Last updated 8/24/2019 at 11am

The San Diego County Water Authority repairs to Pipeline 5 were completed under budget.

The SDCWA board approved a notice of completion July 25, which releases the remaining funds to the contractor. Although J.F. Shea Construction, Inc., bid the project at $25,304,375, the Walnut-based company was able to work with CWA staff to reduce the cost and the final cost of the work was $24,748,135.61.

"The project was completed on time and within budget," said CWA senior construction manager Gary Olvera.

The CWA has an asset management program which uses both an acoustic fiberoptic monitoring system as well as internal inspections during aqueduct shutdowns to detect and monitor deterioration of CWA aqueduct facilities.

The condition assessment of a portion of Pipeline 5 prioritized that segment for rehabilitation due to the pipeline's diminishing service life and the potential damage if a pipeline failed. The relining process installed steel lines inside corroded pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipe, which extends the service life of a pipeline.

The project relined two sections of 96-inch pipeline along Pipeline 5: a 10,000-foot segment from the delivery point where the CWA obtains its Metropolitan Water District of Southern California supply to Sage Road and a 2,300-foot portion just north of the Twin Oaks Valley Treatment Plant. In July 2018 the CWA approved a contract with J.F. Shea for the company's bid of $25,304,375.

Two aqueduct shutdowns were required; one of those isolated Pipeline 5 to accomplish the work and the other shutdown was to put the pipeline back in operation. The CWA's Second Aqueduct includes Pipelines 3, 4 and 5. Pipeline 4 conveys treated water while Pipelines 3 and 5 deliver untreated supply.

The Fallbrook segment was to have developed eight access portals, but only six were needed. The San Marcos segment originally included two portals and only one was part of the actual work.

"They were able to delete several portals," Olvera said.

Design modifications also included redesigning the microduct size, installation locations and support method. The overall reduction of $556,239.29 from the bid amount was achieved despite encountering unanticipated utilities which caused a change order covering additional utility relocation. The only time extension needed was a seven-day addition due to inclement weather, and that did not change the cost of the project.

"This is a perfect example of thinking outside the box," said Barry Leonard, who is Poway's representative on the CWA board. "It's a good relationship with a contractor that found a way to save us money rather than cost money."

During the construction the CWA retained 5% of the total contract amount to ensure completion of the work. That money will be released 60 days after the notice of completion and a signed waiver from J.F. Shea releasing the CWA from liens and claims. J.F. Shea Construction has also posted a faithful performance bond which will remain in force for the construction's two-year warranty period.

"I really applaud not only the staff but also Shea Construction for their efforts," said Lois Fong-Sakai, who is one of the City of San Diego representatives on the CWA board. "I hope this will serve as an example to all contractors and clients of how work should be done."


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