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Dear Supervisor Jim Desmond,

I am a constituent in Fallbrook. I have a complaint about some road repair problems in Fallbrook.

The problems are at Stagecoach Lane and Reche Road. The road folks have been working on adding a few hundred feet for an additional lane at this intersection for months. I believe that the project first started early last fall almost a year ago. The county sign at each end of the project shows it is a project costing $772,000.

It seems like there is a crew out there to work on it for a day or two at a time every week or two. Then another week or two goes by, and another crew comes out for a day. At this point they could probably complete the project in 10 working days, if they ever worked on it.

I have to say, this project has been very poorly managed.

In addition, along Reche Road between Stagecoach and Green Canyon Road, a crew marked about 50 places on the street where the asphalt needs to be removed and replaced. I assume that the road will be sealed after that work is done.

Those spots were marked about three months ago, and nothing has happened. Reche Road runs in front of two schools. I was hoping that the repairs on both Stagecoach and Reche Road would have both been completed before school started. It is going to be a mess during school hours while these projects are completed.

I hope that you can look into these things and get back to me with a schedule as soon as possible.

Thank you,

Mike Reardon


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