Re: 'I am ashamed' [Village News, Letter, 9/5/19]


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I’ll skip the tabloid scandal material presented in the letter referenced above.

The Mueller Report did not find data to support a charge of conspiracy and collusion. That could be a tribute to President Donald Trump’s ability to obstruct justice. Eight actionable obstruction of justice incidents are documented in the report. It is up to Congress to take action.

I can’t personally attest to how many lies and untruths Trump has told, but according to The Washington Post, Aug. 12, “President Trump has made 12,019 false or misleading claims over 928 days.” You can enter the text quoted above into Google or other search engine to find the cited article.

PolitiFact has a comparable article, “All False Statements Involving Donald Trump.” A search on the quoted text will take you to the cited article. Both articles are very long.

Did Trump mock a disabled reporter? Yes. Did he try to mimic the reporter? No. Trump’s intent was obvious: to ridicule the reporter. See for yourself by searching for “Donald Trump appears to mock reporter’s disability.”

Global warming was not disproved. Climate change is the preferred name now, because it includes global warming, severity and frequency of severe weather events increasing, weather patterns becoming more volatile and oceans rising.

No, the world is not ending in 10 years, but what we do in the near term to minimize man-made climate change may radically affect mankind’s status on earth.

The climate scientists of the world have spoken: the consensus is that the extent of man-made climate change is a global threat. For citations, search for “The Intergovernmental Panel on climate change.” Can anybody cite a rebuttal?

John H. Terrell


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