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Who would know the area where a homeowner is looking to buy or sell a property better than a local real estate agent, right? Buying or selling a home is a lot of work in itself so one of the most crucial things to consider first is selecting the right Realtor to help them through the process.

Here are five benefits to having a local real estate agent.

First, they are easier to meet up with.

It’s a no-brainer; it’s way easier to schedule appointments with someone who is nearby than for them to travel to get to the house. Convenience is only the cherry on top when it comes to hiring a local Realtor.

Next, they know the area.

An agent who knows the neighborhood can help eliminate areas that don’t fit the search criteria as they should have already mastered this stuff. If a homeowner is selling a home, they know the features of the home that stand out and can promote them well. Say, if there is an excellent view of the city from the deck of the house, they can push that out to potential buyers.

They know the market and how to promote property.

Local agents have access to recent market data and analysis of current market trends, which will help buyers get top dollar for their home and help sellers pay fair market value.

If a homeowner is in an area where bidding wars break out, the moment a home goes open in the market, then they need a local Realtor. A homebuyer doesn’t want to miss out on every single home in the area only because someone who knew the market better saw it first.

A local Realtor also comes in handy when listing a home for sale. An agent who is unfamiliar with the housing market in the area could end up pricing a home too low or too high.

They have connections.

Having a network of local professionals and other local real estate agents enables a smooth real estate transaction. They communicate about the homes in the area, about what their buyers are looking for and what homes are going to be up on the market. It helps match up buyers and sellers fast.

They can serve their clients better.

Instead of working with someone from another county who may be difficult to schedule with, a homebuyer or seller will have someone focused on them and their area. They can put they buyers’ or sellers’ needs first as they don’t have as much travel time on their end. They are also experts in the area, allowing them to serve their clients better throughout the home buying and selling process.

Bottom line, having a local Realtor that knows the local market will help save time and money while selling and purchasing property. With Broadpoint Properties, clients are assured to have the smoothest and efficient real estate experience possible with top-rated agents in San Diego County. Talk to us if you’re looking into buying or selling a home.

Elisabeth Hartig Lentulo is a broker associate with Broadpoint Properties in Fallbrook. For more information, visit or call (760) 532-1057. CalBRE #01904564


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