Re: 'Another point of view: Is global warming worth the anxiety on our young people?' (Village News, 9/26/19)


Last updated 10/18/2019 at 12:15am

I cannot believe that you highlighted a piece on how climate change causes anxiety in youth. Are you kidding me? The reason they are protesting is because of the inaction of our leaders.

Why are you not providing a balanced position on this important issue? I am so disappointed in this newspaper. How can you be so biased? I believe the media should be fair and balanced. Where is your information about why these students and adults, myself included, are so concerned about the environment and what we are doing to our “home?”

It’s fine to publish national news, but make it balanced. I’m embarrassed to live in a village surrounded by nature, supported by nurseries and the environment that now has this article in its historical records. Embarrassing. You should be ashamed. I am, for supporting this paper. No more.

Terri Garner


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