Fans fill the stands for BHS Girls' Volleyball CIF Quarterfinal Game


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Bonsall's Taylor Bristow returns a Madison serve during the varsity girls volleyball game, Nov. 1.

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The Bonsall High School girls volleyball team competed in a home quarterfinal game against Madison High School Friday, Nov. 1 and despite having the school day off, students, teachers, and parents still came out to show their support for the Legionnaires.

Concessions were also sold at the game, where audience members could purchase something to snack on or drink during the nerve-wracking match. The game started off with the national anthem before getting into the action.

To kick off the match was the nail-biting first set. Although the Madison Warhawks held the lead for much of the game, BHS trailed closely behind, working hard to claim the first win. Despite their best efforts, the Legionnaires lost 20-25, but with support from the crowd and each other, they were fired up and ready to win the next set.

The second set started off with strong serves from both teams. With the help of a more established defense, Bonsall was quickly able to regain possession of the ball each time the Warhawks scored. They guarded the net carefully, ready to block the ball or tip it over, and were quick on their feet so they could dive for the ball. Because of this, the Legionnaires maintained a steady lead throughout the set, resulting in a 25-11 win.

Consisting of long volleys and solid communication between the players, the third set was a close one. Due to the girls' quick reflexes, Bonsall was able to keep Madison from scoring too often, allowing them to hold the lead during the first half of the set. Toward the end, though, the Warhawks picked up their offense and snagged the victory, ending the set at 25-19.

Going into the fourth set, the Madison Warhawks were playing strongly, giving them the lead. Their defense and offense remained a tough challenge to beat, but not a challenge Bonsall couldn't handle. It wasn't long until the Legionnaires turned things around and took the lead themselves. The Bonsall crowd, full of excitement and hope for their team, cheered the girls on with the Bonsall High chant. The set ended in a 25-21 win for the Legionnaires.

Having won two sets each, Bonsall High and Madison High moved on to a fifth set that would end at 15 points, as opposed to the usual 25. Tensions were high among the crowd and the players, as this set would determine the winner of the match and the team that would advance in the CIF playoffs.

The game was slow at first, but quickly picked up in pace when the teams neared the 10-point mark, as the two teams remained tied until they both had 16 points. At this point, Bonsall fought even harder to score the last two points needed to secure their win, and with those points, they won the match 3-2.

Much like the students and teachers, the team's coach, Coach Hargrove, said he was very proud of the girls.

"It was nerve-wracking pretty much the entire game. The girls played great. Like I've said all season long, it's a testament to their character. They've never given up. Today absolutely proves that they lose one, they win the next. They lose another one, they win the next and then sneak out the fifth set. I'm proud of every one of them. We had a lot of standout players, but everyone was working as a team," he said.

The team and audience members were very excited about the results of the volleyball game.

"It was stressful, but just like every time we play, I'm proud. We get to go on further in the CIF playoffs! We were working together, we were communicating and playing really hard," said Najia Lamb, one of two team captains. The volleyball girls at BHS have strived throughout the season to get to where they are today.

"We're always improving, that's basically the start of the season, we progress so much. We're always looking to see who our next opponent is and see what we need to do. We do have to clean up a few aspects, but we are always working on the little things, and if you focus on the foundation, everything else should come through," said Hargrove.

Though the game was very back-and-forth, with both teams holding solid ground throughout the match, none of the Legionnaires lost hope.

"Obviously, it's hard to come back from a loss, a win, a loss, a win, so I think we kept our spirits up to win the game. We are going to work on hustling the ball, always getting the ball up, and always attacking our hardest to make sure that we're making the other team work instead of making ourselves work," saidDanika Leung, the other team captain.

The Bonsall High School volleyball players look forward to finishing the season off strong, with the goal of progressing even further in the CIF playoffs.

Lady Legionnaire Ashlin Smith attempts to block a Madison shot.


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