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Re: 'Pro-Life is a killer' [Village News, Terrell Letter, 12/26/19]


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Sorry but skewed facts are crazy to many of us as we have to consider the source of that information. When fact checked and vetted many of these are biased and skewed as I am being polite.

Forced Birth that the label you have put on anyone who believes abortion is murder and barbaric in this day and age? Last I checked it was against the law to fire someone from their job who was pregnant so where is the loss of a paycheck? I guess if you are a stripper that might be a bit of a problem dancing around a pole.

I don't know when you went to school but, in the early 1970s, we were taught safe sex classes and there was never any mention of abstinence!

Pro Choice people scream loudly anytime that option is to be included in the teaching. Just saying no to sex before marriages has been laughed at and ridiculed for decades now. I guess if you can Just Say No to Drugs why not sex before marriage?

Regarding Partial Birth Abortion: This method is used more often than the 1.3 percent you claim. But, for argument's sake, I ask why does the baby have to be murdered coming down the birth canal even when a mother's life is in danger? Can doctors not quickly and safely do a C section?

With today's technology a doctor and mother know when her life is an issue and always going to the extreme of a mother's life in danger doesn't even register on the scale as being countable. So why do we need this procedure?

Disproved myth of a lifetime of regrets? Again, unfounded facts. I have had friends who suffered with this guilt for most of their lives. I have counseled them. I have gone with several friends to Planned Parenthood who chose to abort their babies. I went to give them moral support and tell them I don't judge them; I love them no matter what.

Margaret Sanger was a proponent for abortion and many years ago now I watched a interview with her son who stated on national TV that a few years before she died she changed her views on abortion and she became a Christian and she asked God to forgive her. So at least her story had a happy ending.

So sad for all the poor women with broken minds and hearts that followed her teachings. But each one of us has to take responsibility for our actions. There are many birth control methods, so pick one and stop this barbaric way of murdering an unborn baby.

I wonder how many people would abort puppies they don't want? Oh, wait that would be inhumane to do to a dog!

All they have to do is look at the beautiful children that they have later in life to wonder what their other child would have looked like, acted like, grown up to be ... . I'm still there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on when the guilt sets in.

Diana Miller


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