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Re: 'Pro-Life is a killer' [Village News, Miller Letter, 1/2/20]


Last updated 1/11/2020 at 9:59pm

This is a rebuttal to the subject letter. First, there’s not a single substantiated statement in that letter. I’ll rebut as many as space permits.

But first, I want to commend Ireland for ending its ban on abortion in 2018. Finally, after years of emotional and economic damage, the people could bear it no more. They voted 2-1 to end the ban in a country where over 75% of the population is Roman Catholic.

1. Statistics provided by the Federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are biased and skewed. False, unless you use Alex Jones or Breitbart for validation. Visit and read about infant mortality by searching “Maternal mortality rate CDC Reproductive health Pregnancy Mortality Surveillance System.”

2. Margaret Sanger was a proponent of abortion. False. “...she did not advocate abortion, as far as we can find in primary sources and reputable secondary citations from both her friends and foes,” as per

3. Sanger converted to Christianity. False. Regardless of what her son said, there’s no evidence to support it.

4. Abortion causes mental and emotional problems. False. There are two cases where there may be problems: first, if the woman had emotional problems before the abortion and second, the pregnancy was wanted but was aborted for health reasons.

“Most (95%) women who had obtained an abortion felt it was the right decision, as did 89% of those who expressed regret.” The study talked with 843 women and over 600 had an abortion; search the internet for “Women’s Emotions One Week After Receiving or Being Denied an Abortion in the United States.”

5. Sex education emphasizing abstinence isn’t being taught. False.

“Since 1996, the U.S. Congress has funneled over $2.1 billion taxpayer dollars into ‘abstinence-only until marriage’ programs.”

Search on “Science Alert: Meta-Analysis Over Almost 20 Years Has Declared Its Verdict on Abstinence-Only Sex Ed.”

6. Say “no” to premarital sex. That’s a ridiculous premise. There’s about a 15 year gap between puberty and most people’s first marriage. The letter’s author asks “Why can’t people just be sexually continent for that period?” when their sex drive is the strongest? Yes, that’s laughable.

Visit and search for “Median age at first marriage.”

John H. Terrell


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