Re: 'California, the new age of Enlightenment?' [Village News, Letter, 1/23/20]


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As I read Mr. Maynard’s letter “California, the new age of Enlightenment,” I am cutting it out and mailing it to my cousin to prove that I am not the last conservative left in California; that has been an ongoing joke for so many years.

What a refreshing newsworthy letter to read. The sad thing is every word is true and such a shame we have come to where we are now with the overwhelming results of what happens when liberals take over with what was once the American dream in California.

Over the last 30-plus years I have watched many friends leave their homes and go to other states, and it sickens them and myself to see the state of affairs we have been left with because of one ruling class. No need to look any further than San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orange County or San Diego to see the carnage left behind at the hands of social engineering idiots who constantly want to raise taxes to throw money at every problem that they created in the first place.

Look at all the Democrat-run cities across the nation, and the proof is in front of your eyes. Each and every one of them have become the corrupt armpit of this great nation.

I suppose once they get a hold of our Proposition 13 and either tax me out of my home or just confiscate it for unpaid taxes, I too will have to leave the beautiful state I call home. I guess I will be forced to leave someday kicking and screaming, and as the last conservative that my cousin says I am, I will turn out the light as I cross the state line. For right now, I am still one vote.

Diana Miller


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