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County creates online portal to track General Plan progress

Since San Diego County adopted its general plan nine years ago, 5,802 residences have been built in the county’s unincorporated communities, leaving capacity for another potential 60,748 residences under the plan.

And now residents can track progress on the general plan and local development online, thanks to a new county website – the Housing Capacity and Production Portal,

The portal includes text summary reports; maps that show how many residences have been built in each unincorporated community; the capacity the general plan would still allow to be built in each community and a search tool. It will be updated every quarter.

The county’s department of Planning and Development Services created the new portal to give the public the ability to track the progress of the county’s general plan on a regular basis. PDS has been working on this system as required through the general plan implementation plan and to facilitate the production of data needed for the annual report to the state on the general plan’s housing element.

The current numbers in the portal are good as of Jan. 31, with information on 33 unincorporated communities in the county.

The portal, which also links to the county’s general plan webpage, includes 12 “heatmaps” depicting number ranges in colors, illustrating information including:

· Number of residential dwelling units that are allowed by the county’s general plan and could be built in the future if the land is suitable for construction, provided with infrastructure and obtains necessary approvals from the county.

· Changes to the general plan since 2011 that either increase or decrease the number of residential dwelling units that could be built.

· Number of existing and new residential dwelling units that were built since 2011.

· The number of residential dwelling units that have received discretionary approvals from the county since 2011 but haven’t been built.

· Residential development projects that are approved with units that either exceed or are below the amount allowed by the general plan.

· Sites of residential dwelling units that are currently being graded and prepared for construction.

For more information about the county’s general plan, visit PDS’s general plan webpage,


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