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Create a more functional laundry room

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A laundry room may be one of the spaces that people use the most, but cramped quarters and clutter can hinder their productivity. Eliminate the excuses and get the laundry room under control with these tips to add function to the washing routine.

Use space wisely. The laundry room may not have a big footprint, but there is probably more usable space than people may realize. Install shelves or storage units on the walls and consider the ceiling as a spot to hang a floating drying rack. Don't overlook the back of the door, where a storage system can be mounted or use an over-the-door alternative.

Maximize storage. Many laundry rooms suffer from a lack of storage, which hinders space to fold and manage laundry while making the room less pleasant overall. A durable, attractive organization system like Dimensions by ClosetMaid can add instant organization and style to a laundry room. The system provides numerous design options, convenient accessories and configurations of cabinets and drawers, accommodating virtually any space.

Resist wrinkles. Prevent unsightly wrinkles by hanging garments straight out of the dryer. A hanging rod is easy to install and takes advantage of vertical space in smaller rooms. Be sure to also stock up on hangers of various styles so there's always an ample supply ready when the buzzer sounds that another load is ready for some attention.

Promote ventilation. Another common issue in laundry rooms is limited ventilation, which can promote mold, affect air quality and hinder air drying for special garments. A clever way to enhance ventilation while increasing storage space is ventilated shelving that helps keep air flow moving. For example, ClosetMaid's Premium Wood Kits feature sturdy slatted shelves to stash laundry essentials and can include accessories like hanging rods.

Create a folding station. One of the biggest laundry pitfalls is folding and putting away clean clothes. A clear, clean space in the laundry room can help nudge family members toward completing the task more efficiently. If a home has front-loading machines, it may be as simple as adding a counter or sturdy shelf above them. If the house has top-loaders, more creativity may be needed. If there's room, a laundry sorter with a flat top is a good solution. Or if floor space is at a premium, consider a shelf that mounts to the wall and folds down when needed.

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