Fallbrook Woman's Club presents their 12th annual mystery play


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The Carriage Players of the Fallbrook Woman's Club, in costume, are ready to perform "Who Killed Claudio Vanderbilk – America's Darling of the Super Rich and Famous," from left, back row, Mary Vitrano, Diane Jansen, Lee Johnson, Roxann Clouse; front row, Kären Feyler, Vickie O'Kelly, Kathy Simmons and Colleen Jackson.

FALLBROOK – "Who Killed Claudio Vanderbilk – America's Darling of the Super Rich and Famous" is the name of the newest mystery play presented by the Carriage Players of the Fallbrook Woman's Club.

There will be two presentations that include lunch March 28 and April 4, both at 11 a.m. at the clubhouse, 128 W. Mission Road.

Like several of the previous plays, it was written by Maxine Holmgren, who previously lived in Sun City. The Carriage Players then adapted and produced it to match their own humorous style. The proceeds support the club's philanthropic and scholarship funds.

Come join the Carriage Players to learn – and guess – who the murderer is. And earn a prize for guessing the correct villain. There is Paris Hall, played by Diane Jansen, who was named after the city by her mother who loved Paris so much.

Then there is the very feminine and innocent Lacey Frills, played by Lee Johnson. Lacey is from the South and still has a trace of that accent. Kathy Simmons plays Fancy Frou Frou, who is always dressed in the most outrageous outfits. She thinks that if one is good, then two or three are better. Vickie Torian, played by Mary Vitrano, was Claudio's longtime, unappreciated private assistant.

Rose Garden, played by Kären Feyler, is so proud of her name as she loves roses and usually wears as many as she can. Kären has been with the group the longest, starring in the very first Carriage Players production.

Lilly Tipton, played by Colleen Jackson, is the CEO of the Tipton Tea Company. And there is the poor Zanya Grey, Vickie O'Kelly, who is just plain poor.

Which of these ladies, and the term is used loosely, did the dirty deed? Tickets may be obtained by sending a check for $25 per person to FWC, P.O. Box 2406, Fallbrook, CA 92088, or by calling Linda Lovett at (310) 569-1905.

Submitted by Fallbrook Woman's Club.


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