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Re: 'A viral takedown of Donald Trump' [Village News, Letter, 3/5/2020]


Last updated 3/19/2020 at 9:33pm

I want to thank Dr. James Veltmeyer for his insightful common-sense letter. It’s a shame more people didn’t read it. Please take the time to research how many deaths have occurred with the swine flu in 2009 on former President Obama’s watch, and none of it was his fault for what he didn’t do.

It’s ridiculous to think that this coronavirus is President Donald Trump’s Katrina. They hated Bush too.

I think it is time to turn off the TV and stop listening to the hysteria and hype about a strain of the flu that is Trump’s fault. Some even said China created this weapon and are testing it on their own people.

Everyone is going insane with fear mongering. The store shelves are empty of so many products that are being hoarded. I see people in almost full hazmat suits going to the grocery store, and I am laughing with the insanity of the hysteria being created by the media with their own agenda.

People, we need to calm down and think about it. Every year we have different flu strains and people get sick. The elderly are the most vulnerable to succumb to it. People are not dying in the streets from this illness, and it is not a death sentence to 99% of the people who get it.

But if you continue to let your mind wander, thinking or telling yourself you are going to die, you might just get your thought. If you run out of sanitizer or Sani-wipes, just buy some baby wipes and pour rubbing alcohol on them and carry with you wherever you go. I’ve been doing that for over 20 years now. It’s a cheap way to avoid people who seldom wash their hands and transfer the germs.

People said sneeze into your elbow. Well, I grab the front of my top and sneeze into my chest. You can feel the water droplets hitting your chest. This spray is what is being spread around. Sneezing into your elbow just blows it downward, and it lands on a surface below your elbow.

Shutting down the wonderful robust economy, the best we’ve had in decades is what is driving the media for our upcoming election. People are losing their income and some businesses may never recover; our 401(k)’s are going down, etc., so each and every person has an obligation to stop the hysteria and stop listening to the media with all their ignorant pundits blaming a president.

If you want someone to blame, start with China who is now threatening to stop shipping ingredients we buy from them to make a lot of our medications. China is not our friend and hates Trump for the trade imbalance that has been cheating us for decades and now he is correcting that.

I wonder if the Democrats are in cahoots with China to take down our president in return for business as usual with China and the trade imbalance? Just saying.

Diana Miller


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