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Last updated 3/27/2020 at 3:34am

Dear Friends‚

On Monday‚ the California State Legislature voted to recess until April 13. But even though the legislature is in recess‚ please know our government is not in recess! My offices in the Capitol and the District are open to serve you.

I want you to know you can rely on me and my team to be available to serve you.

If you have questions or have any problems with a state agency such as the EDD‚ DMV‚ or FTB‚ please email me at [email protected] or you can call one of my offices at: Capitol Office: (916) 651-4038, El Cajon Office: (619) 596-3136 or Escondido Office: (760) 796-4658.

I want to take this opportunity to also share some personal thoughts on this crisis. Please check out the video message I shared on my website.

One of the things I want to highlight from the video is that we don’t‚ and won’t‚ have a food or supply shortage. We don’t need to hoard‚ or fight over‚ the supplies in our grocery stores.

By all means‚ please support your local stores and buy what you need. But hoarding items is unnecessary!

I also want you to remember that, as of today, we are not currently in a quarantine‚ so you are not entirely locked up in your home!

If you are in one of the vulnerable populations, please be sure to take all of the precautions necessary for your health and safety.

However‚ this could also be a great opportunity to make the most of this time with your family‚ since many of you are working from home and your kids are home from school. There are so many locations in the great outdoors here in San Diego County‚ and if you can observe the appropriate social distancing‚ it’s a great time to let the kids go out and get a little muddy!

Furthermore‚ you can go out and safely volunteer with the many great nonprofits in our community‚ while adhering to local rules and safety measures. Do your research and see what opportunities are out there!

Please remember to support our small businesses. Many restaurants will be closing for a period of time‚ but we can still support them by ordering takeout or delivery items.

If you are one of the small businesses affected by these closures‚ please visit to see what assistance is available to you.

Lastly‚ let’s be sure to pray for our neighbors and our leaders. We all need to come together as a community. The United States is better than coronavirus. Together‚ we will get through this!

For the most up-to-date and accurate information, please visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the California Department of Public Health, the California Medical Association and the County of San Diego. You can also sign up to receive text messages from the County of San Diego in real time by texting “COSD COVID19” to 468-311. These are reliable sources for accurate and timely information on COVID-19 and whether it is in our community.

Thank you‚ and it is a privilege to serve as your Senator.


Brian W. Jones

State Senator‚ District 38


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