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Things to do in Fallbrook, part 2



Last updated 4/7/2020 at 5:34pm


Mario: What's going on everybody? My name is Mario here at Reedermedia and the Village... oh, my bad, I forgot. What's going on everybody? My name is Mario here at Reedermedia and the Village News.

Today we're gonna be going out into Fallbrook and Bonsall area talking to business owners about how they're handling the Coronavirus situation, how their businesses are doing, and what things have changed for them. So come with me, because today we're gonna go stop by 127 West.

Faro: Hi Fallbrook this is Faro Trupiano, owner of Trupiano's Italian Bistro and 127 West Social House.

Mario: How have you been handling the Coronavirus situation?

Faro: Good question. Well, feel like every day that changes. I feel like with every change that happens daily I feel like as a business owner we need to adjust, and kinda shift what we're doing. You know so much has changed I mean going from a full service restaurant to to-go and curbside only everything has changed its I feel like its a whole different way to operate a restaurant now.

Mario: How has your sanitation process changed since the quarantine?

Faro: Well I've always felt like we've had clean restaurants I mean that's kinda a given but with everything that's happened I feel that we've all kinda stepped up our game.

You know, will we continue to sanitize pens moving forward? Not sure, but I guarantee you that everybody's gonna wash their hands more, everybody's gonna be very cautious of when talking to somebody watching what they do with their hands, how often they touch their face, its given us a whole new awareness of just germs in general, bacteria, how things are transferred, it's I think it'll forever change just kinda the way we interact just as humans.

Mario: So, managing two different businesses at the same time must be difficult. How has it been managing Trupiano's and 127 West at the same time? It's been a challenge, I feel that again, just because of all the different implementations and everything that we're doing differently, I need to try to spend as much time at both places which is obviously if I could clone myself that would be amazing, but but since I can't, I rely heavily on my staff.

My veteran servers, my veteran staff members, and like hey look I'm doing the best I can but I need you guys to kinda hold down the fort and their doing a great job so you know in the little bit that I can, I come here I do new specials, I you know make whatever changes I need to make and then I run over their and do the same thing. And then just kind've hope for the best, until now they've been doing an amazing job.

Mario: How have your services changed since the pandemic?

Faro: Over at Trupiano's, I feel that the changes have been less, Trupiano's has always had a well established to go business, we have that great drive-thru window, uhm and people absolutely love it. So they, that was already established before this whole pandemic, so the changes over there in that regards have been minimal. Obviously we don't have the dine-in anymore, but uh, but as far as the to-go business, that has kinda remained pretty steady, where as at 127, we were known, we created a great ambiance, and for that reason its been harder to kinda get people to kinda switch their habits from 127 being that cool spot to dine-in, to now, you know, ordering their food to go, and doing the curbside thing. So that's been a huge change, especially for 127.

Mario: So, I understand you've been doing deliveries, how has that been going?

Faro: You know it's been actually really cool, there's been a couple organizations, a couple neighborhoods in town that what they've done is, like for example, the one was just a kinda like a retirement type company I'm sure I can say the name, Merril Lynch entity, where they actually bought dinners for sixteen of their clients and they hired me to not only prepare the food but go out and deliver all of these different meals. And these meals were for like, a week, a week's worth of food. so it was remarkable to see that happen it was amazing to see the response of the people who were receiving it, super appreciative. that was a great experience and then literally the next day, Pala mesa greens.

They got together as a neighborhood they all placed their order at the same time. And all paid for it in advance and then we loaded up the catering truck Bam go went over there and dropped off everybody's meal so it's been amazing just to kinda see the different creative ways that businesses and neighborhoods and just people helping people and I felt really blessed to be included in these types of delivery programs and stuff like that. It's been wonderful really just to kinda see the out pour and the support from the people, different businesses local restaurant owners supporting other local restaurant owners. It's been a really neat thing to see.

Mario: Has anything changed in regards to what foods you guys serve or drinks you serve?

Faro: It has. So, you know my whole life I've had the same kinda of beer and wine license where you can come in and enjoy a lass of wine or a beer while you're having dinner. The fact that now that rule has kinda been lifted where now I can sell beer to go, I can sell cocktails to go, I can sell wine to go has been, it's been pretty awesome cause it's really helped from the revenue standpoint being able to keep the doors open but, but yeah that's been super cool as long as it's in a closed container as long as it goes in the trunk, the alcoholic beverage control has allowed restaurants to be able to sell alcohol to go, curbside, through the drive-thru window, you can actually have it delivered now, which has been as restaurant tours been doing this my entire life, to see that happen is... it's been pretty surreal but we've embraced it and it's been a great revenue source for us.

You know, alot of people ask me, "Faro why are you so heavily invested in Fallbrook?, Why are all your eggs in one basket?"

And this is exactly why. In times like this, it's takes a community, it takes a village to rally together and support local businesses. And I have to say, having experienced a fire and being closed for two years, seeing the way Fallbrook rallied around that, the fires, all of these things and now the Coronavirus, Fallbrook thank you.

Thank you so much. And then Bonsall all the neighboring areas I really appreciate it cause I know that there's other choices and so I'm grateful that you guys have supported my businesses, my restaurants in town, and I love you for it. Thank you Fallbrook.

Mario: So that was it for today guys, thank you so much for stopping by. 127 West and Trupiano's are both still open, so support our local businesses, uhm like and follow the Reedermedia and Village News page to stay tuned for the next episode because I will see you there!


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