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Kicking It: Telecommuting and staying mentally healthy

You’ve heard the old saying that something good can come from something bad. Right?

I found mine. Telecommunicating with my doctor. Luckily for me, it wasn’t for COVID-19.

Actually, I scorched my wrist while pan frying sliced potatoes. It was just a small spot on my right wrist. I didn’t even notice it at the time.

Except a few days later, it went from a hardly noticeable spot to a roaring infection the size of a silver dollar.

As you may have discovered, the doctor’s offices are closed. Therefore, I got to chat with my general practitioner over the computer. Which means for the first time in days, I put on a decent shirt and a touch of makeup.

My doctor looked at the burn through the computer’s camera and prescribed an antibiotic which I picked up an hour later at the drive-up window. Easy peasy.

So, are you still waiting for the good news? Here it is. I didn’t have to weigh in. Maybe we could start doing our annual physicals over the phone? OK, I’m joking. Kind of.

Exercising is like old age. You can’t be a namby-pamby about it. Last week, I pulled my shoulder doing pushups, so I gave myself permission to play bridge online instead of working out. At least that is something I am doing every day. Playing bridge, not working out.

The orioles are back announcing spring. Two nesting pairs return annually to the oak trees in front of the kitchen window. They love sugar water, making the hummingbirds wait their turn.

The most exciting backyard happening is our new tenant. A Western blue bird is building a home in our bird hotel. I watch her as she wings across the neighborhood collecting bits of straw for her new home. There will be babies.

My wee victory garden is another spring ritual. I’ve had to start this year’s herb garden from seeds since larger plants were not available. So far, the lettuce, basil, oregano, parsley, dill and sage appear to be peeking through the soil. I’ll tell you the secret for drying herbs another time.

Meanwhile, the tomatoes have caught root along with the mini zucchini mounds. It appears the rain has been just what they needed.

Cloudy, rainy days are my favorite. And warm coastal fog sends me over the moon. It inspires me to cook. But, not crazy cooking.

We’ve stayed on track and continue eating sensibly. We are down to two meals a day. I seem to be staying trim. Still using popcorn as my go to snack or half an apple with peanut butter.

I enjoy a very late breakfast after a speedy metabolic workout. I’ll hit 15 or more squats, a dozen jumping jacks throughout the morning and even a plank now and again now since my shoulder feels better.

When I don’t do the regular stuff, I practice balance. It’s just standing up barefoot and raising one foot. Balance is ever so important for grownups. Yoga tree posing is not required; that’s just showing off, which is OK when in a room with others.

For now, just stand and lift one foot off the ground and breathe. Track your time for improvement.

That’s all for now. Keep a happy thought. Read. Watch movies. Write to a friend. Or if you are really bored, write to me using this email.

Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal can be reached at [email protected].


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