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The coronavirus – Who's really at fault?


Last updated 4/25/2020 at 1:16am

Much has been made by the media and by Democratic lawmakers blaming President Donald Trump for the coronavirus. But who’s really to blame for the pandemic? Trump, the wet markets, a virology lab in Wuhan, the Chinese government or perhaps there is something sinister behind the outbreak?

In December 2019 and well into mid-January 2020, we were told by the Chinese government and by the World Health Organization that the virus started in a wet market in Wuhan, China. They reported the horseshoe bats in the wet market were the carriers of the pathogen.

For several weeks, the Chinese government and the WHO’s official position alleged the coronavirus posed little threat to human beings, claiming human-to-human transmission is unlikely to occur.

Meanwhile, the coronavirus was spreading rapidly throughout the city of Wuhan. Hundreds of their residents contracted the virus, and many succumbed to it. Facing this severe health crisis, the Chinese government placed the entire city of Wuhan under quarantine without notifying the rest of the world of the impending threat.

With little regard for the safety of the global community, the Chinese government encouraged thousands of Chinese nationals to travel abroad without any restrictions. So, the virus spread rapidly through countries and across continents, and within days it transformed into a global pandemic.

New evidence suggests this virulent strain of the coronavirus quite possibly was genetically engineered in a virology lab, located near the wet markets. Coincidentally, this same lab has been conducting experiments with horseshoe bats for several years. Some experts on Chinese security affairs suspect the lab's primary mission has been to alter the virus, making it hyperinfectious in humans.

We may never know whether the coronavirus started in the wet markets or the Wuhan virology lab. Although mounting evidence suggested, the virus came from the virology lab. Sadly, we have suffered more than 37,000 fatalities to date in America and more than 163,000 deaths worldwide. With more infections and deaths yet to come, the Chinese government still denies any responsibility for the pandemic.

So, while America's industries are decapitated, China’s economy is on the march and may now surpass ours as the No. 1 economy in the world. Millions of Americans are temporarily unemployed, billions of dollars in wealth lost in the market, and most Americans are now sheltering in place all because of the gross negligence of the Chinese government.

We may never know whether the coronavirus was intentionally released or whether it was an accident. However, we do know with complete certainty that the origin of the coronavirus started in Wuhan, China, and the ongoing cover-up is being choreographed by the Chinese government and by the World Health Organization.

In the near term, I believe the Chinese government will suffer the consequences of the coronavirus and for their cover-up.

To protect our national security interests and our critical products such as medical supplies and pharmaceuticals, American corporations must begin to decouple manufacturing in China and bring it back home to America. American consumers must do their part as well, by avoiding purchasing goods made in China, in favor of those that are “Made in America.”

So, contrary to many media outlets and the Democratic Party’s claims, Trump is not to blame for the coronavirus. His response to the outbreak has been well reasoned and decisive. I applaud the president for assembling the brightest minds in business and medicine to develop and execute sound solutions to combat the virus. Their collective efforts have successfully mitigated the transmission of the coronavirus and reduced the number of fatalities.

I believe most Americans are grateful for Trump and the Coronavirus Task Force for their selfless and tireless work fighting the pandemic, and for their collective efforts attempting to keep “All Americans” safe from the ravages of the coronavirus.

Dave Maynard


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