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Re: 'Do we permit a virus to destroy our economy?' [Village News, Reardon Letter, 4/9/20]


Last updated 5/1/2020 at 1:23am

I have a question. Why do liberals always go to the extreme with their attacks and single case scenarios?

While many material things are valuable to have, they aren’t essential to live, pharmaceuticals and medicines are. We should not be relying on China for the ingredients for our medication manufacturing and held hostage to their threats of withholding them. Talk about letting Americans die.

I realize we have become nonchalant and naive about buying cheap products, but you forgot to mention needless governmental meddling and union extortion that businesses have had to suffer with in order to stay in business.

You get to a point where you say, the heck with this and move offshore. Case in point is Detroit, which used to be called “Motor City” for a reason. Bring back those high paying jobs. The unions have destroyed a lot of good businesses. I’m sure this will create more debate.

Most manufacturing jobs pay more than minimum wage and to be honest this argument of a “living wage” is exhausted and tired after 30 years of the same argument. The majority of people are not raising families on minimum wage jobs and if they are, I ask myself why?

Why did you not get an education to better yourself? With all the programs out there to get you a higher education, there is no way you couldn’t have taken advantage of one of them.

If a person is not educated, then how much should they be paid? Most young adults are taking these minimum wage jobs as a steppingstone to something better in life as they get a higher education. So why are you working at fast food flipping burgers or any other minimum wage job that requires very little education? Did you make wrong decisions in life and now suffer the consequences of those wrong decisions?

Just yesterday I heard a news commentator talking about what we need to do for the future and, bam, there it was. Someone talking about putting away six months of living expenses for a situation like we have now.

So, I guess my excellent sound advice was spot on. A life lesson of taking responsibility for yourself and family who can do a much better job than the government who fights amongst themselves to get a few dollars out to you with so many strings attached.

As far as compassion, anybody who knows me knows my heart. I am not an enabler or co-dependent that I need to save everybody from themselves so I can feel good about myself.

I just gave excellent advice on taking responsibility to start out your life from high school, and it’s never too late to save for a rainy day even as an adult.

Do not look to take my money because you failed. If you fall down along the way, there are plenty of programs and wonderful generous Americans to give you a hand up, not a handout.

Diana Miller


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