Re: 'Do we permit a virus to destroy our economy?' [Village News, Walker Letter, 04/16/20]


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And there it is. A page right out of Saul Alinsky’s hand book “Rules for Radicals.” Do an internet search to see how the left uses these tactics to take down their enemies. My point that some ignored to attack me is take responsibility for yourself.

Mr. Walker’s letter is full of misinformation and fake news. His personal attacks on me are right out of the “Rule Book for Radicals.” I pay almost $10,000 a year in health insurance for a basic HMO policy with $55 copay, $1000 deductible and maximum out of pocket is $7,550 just for myself.

Fat lie, I was not able to keep my plan. My husband going on Medicare a few years back has saved us another $10,000 a year.

I looked at “Obamacare,” and even my liberal CPA warned me not to buy an “Obamacare” policy. Your monthly premium is very low, but your out of pocket expense is bankrupting. Do the research yourself.

The U.S. Census Data states “average family income” for 2018 was $61,937, and for 2019, it rose to $89,930. Thanks to President Donald Trump’s best economy in decades, it rose $27,993. Nice raise.

My point about the pork-filled stimulus bill was there should not be one dime going to anything except for the people who have lost their jobs. We didn’t get almost $25 trillion in debt with just the Democrats; the Republicans hold some responsibility. The majority of our elected officials who are always touting “take money from the rich to give to the poor” are millionaires themselves and should donate their wages to the cause before calling for our middle-class hard-earned money.

Our governor just announced a $125 million stimulus bill for those who enter the country illegally. This bill is on top of all the free benefits they receive including free health care that we pay for. California has been running up the credit card debt irresponsibly, saddling our children and grandchildren with paying it off.

All your “manufactured” information on when and what President Trump knew and did in this crisis are all bold lies and again fake news.

I used to watch other news channels, and still do a few trying to get a fair and balanced view, but it is now obvious that the media is corrupt, unhinged and indoctrinates you with all their political bias.

Fox News has just reached its all-time 23-year high lead over all other news channels, so give it a try. At least they fact-check and vet their sources, never ever using an anonymous source like your news channels do.

The frivolous lawsuit against Fox News will be thrown out as it is just another radical tactic to silence the majority. If they can’t shut you down, then they ruin your personal life and career with baseless lies.

Don’t confuse compassion with enabling or codependency. Liberals always want to run your life, so just do it with your money, not mine. Again, if you fall down along the way there are plenty of programs and wonderful generous Americans to give you a hand up, not a handout.

Diana Miller


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