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A call for Americans to get a backbone and stand up


Last updated 6/4/2020 at 11:47am

This is the time to stand up and say enough with the constant attacks on our American way of life and our president. It is time the left stops with their hateful attacks on our president and support everything he has done for this country.

We have taken their bold lies, their crap, fake news, their corruption, their belligerence, their bullying, their insane political correctness and everything A to Z for years now. We are now watching President Donald Trump being bullied hourly.

I was told I was racist because I didn’t agree with former President Barack Obama’s socialist policies. Just recently I was told I was racist because I do not agree with the lame argument of a living wage when I have more family members with color than most people.

If you stand up with your voice to be heard, they attack you from every direction. That’s what radicals do.

Now we have a president who takes on every single one of them, every minute of every day. I’m now seeing Congress starting to get a backbone to stand up against the bullying because now they have a leader who calls them out on all their (expletive).

I could care less about Trump’s lack of charm and the charisma that Obama had. I liked Obama but hated his policies that were socialist and damaged our country.

I do not care for Trump’s personality, but I love his policies that have been awesome for our country. It is all about “Making America Great Again” and “Keeping America Great.”

I have never seen so much hate for another human being, and you guys got it bad! Your hate is venomous and will eat away at you and rob you of your joy in life.

Now with all the insanity of destroying our economy to rid them of Trump, the American people are standing up against the tyranny plaguing us from the radical left.

I do not trust our government for one minute with all the scandals from the Obama administration with the IRS, Department of Justice, CIA, etc. There are so many anti-Trump people in government right now who want to destroy him to get what they want.

I’m now skeptical of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We can’t get an accurate count of COVID-19 deaths because they want to cook the books on the number of deaths with people who died of something else, being counted as COVID-19. Just like cooking the books with global man-made climate change.

Dr. James Veltmeyer was personally attacked when he stood up and asked, “Are we willing to destroy our way of life for a serious virus/flu strain?”

I salute your courage, sir. Those of you who suffer with the media driven fear, stay at home until you feel safe to leave. Wearing masks or social distancing is workable.

If I can go to the grocery store, why not church? You can have an abortion, but not an overdue needed knee surgery. Why is pot essential, but opening my restaurant is not?

Those who want our way of life back before we are bankrupted in our businesses, our mortgage foreclosed and our autos repossessed, let us open up the country, and we’ll send you food and essentials when you need them. Folks, get a backbone and stand up. Be a leader, not a follower.

I accept Mr. Walker’s challenge to donate my $1,200, and I challenge him to put his money where his mouth is and donate his. We will both bring our money to The Village News, so that they can verify the donations. What do you say, Mr. Walker?

Diana Miller


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