Re: 'National news in the Village News' [Village News Letters, 5/28/20]


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My reaction to Maggie Rogan’s criticism of The Village News and Julie Reeder’s response is simply this. We could not have a more honest, objective, creative, resourceful and enlightened publisher and journalist than Julie Reeder.

I have lived in Fallbrook for 53 years, and the quality of our local newspaper could not be more professional. It strives to include every aspect of village life, and now strives to include important aspects of regional, state, national and international news, particularly for those who read no other newspaper and/or only watch FOX News or KUSI-TV news.

Financially, The Village News operates on a “shoestring” with a minimal profit margin or none at all. Often, I wonder how Julie and her staff keep it going. But I know she has pride, integrity, purpose and character. Quite often, she reacts to her critics with measured, personal responses. She is completely open to new ideas.

If her critics want to enlarge the size of the paper and want to enhance and diversify its content, they should help her sign up 5,000 more new subscribers and 100 more new advertisers. Remember, the paper is a business, not a club newsletter.

I have nothing but admiration for this rare lady and the local forum of information she provides. Thank you, Julie – please, keep up your good work. I and many, many others appreciate you.

Walt Parry


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