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By Julie Reeder

Marxism is the disease we should fear


Last updated 7/3/2020 at 2:06am

A video interview has surfaced in the last couple weeks where one of the Black Lives Matter founders explains that she and another founder are trained Marxists. This explains a few things. Karl Marx created communism through socialism. Many, if not most, of the Black Lives Matter protests across the country are not violent. However, the ones rioting, looting, destroying peoples’ private property and businesses, and tearing down statues in the name of equality are. This is an old, old game.

Statues being torn down include those portraying Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant. Both men fought for the freedom of slaves. BLM even wants to tear down the Emancipation statue which was funded by freed slaves and dedicated by the African American abolitionist Frederick Douglass. These men’s lives mattered and the freed slaves’ lives who funded that statue mattered.

Why tear down statues of people who fought against slavery and leave statues of people like Democrat Senator Robert Byrd who was a white supremist and organized over 150 Klansmen? Why do they leave alone statues of Vladimir Lenin, a marxist and founder of the Communist party who had over 300 concentration camps and killed millions of people? Why leave the statue of Marxist Revolutionary Che Guevara who imprisoned black people and killed gay people?

This has all happened before.

Marxism/Communism is much more deadly than the Coronavirus. It has killed over a hundred million people and destroyed entire countries.

Karl Marx wrote the “Communist Manifesto” in 1848 when Europe was burning. There was massive violence, riots and political upheaval which led to national militias being called in. The “Communist Manifesto” layed out how to destroy capitalism and usher in communism through socialism which pits two groups against each other. At that time, it was the bourgeois against proletariats or the business owners versus workers. Identity hatred is key. He said, “The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles,” and it is much the same today with identity politics.

The goal is to identify everyone with their group and pit them against each other. Then use violence with perceived injustice and bring the forcible overthrow of all social conditions and usher in a communist state after the government takes over everything. What follows is high taxes, mandatory government education, government income, government workers, the eradication of private property and free speech. There is a complete ownership of everything by the state, and the government controls the media and the government supersedes even the church. It is about power and control – always.

In 1917 Communism got a big shot when Lenin, who was in exile in Switzerland during World War I, asked Germany for military passage back to Russia. Germany said yes, and they allowed Lenin to go back in a sealed train that could not let him off anywhere in Germany. They treated him as a deadly virus, knowing how dangerous having him advocate his ideas would be, and it helped usher in the deadliest disease in world history.

Similar to what is happening in the United States today, Communism started with identity and class warfare.

Lenin ordered his comrades to hang at least 100 well-known rich men high in the air so that people from hundreds of miles around would shudder, cry and be afraid.

Private property was taken, businesses were taken and freedom of speech was erased. Millions of people were sent to concentration camps. This included successful farmers and business owners – the “evil” competent people who fed and employed people. What followed, of course, was economic collapse and starvation of millions of people.

Communism then spread by force to Eastern Europe, Vietnam, Cambodia, North Korea, Cuba, Afghanistan and China. This did not happen from foreign forces but from within.

Communism kills in the name of equality. They kill their own people with man-made famines. Starvation and concentration camps are the norm.

It was even worse in China. In 1949, Communism was ushered in after a bloody Civil War led by Mou Zedong. Because Communist dictators are not transparent, we do not really know how many people have been killed for sure, but it is thought to be over 100 million people.

Many criminal leftists who are torching cities today are Marxists. They use identity politics, class politics and class division to destroy private property, incite violence in the name of justice and publicly demonize capitalism and seize control.

1932 Stalin-backed Marxists formed a group to clash with police called Antifascista Akiton, now known as Antifa. Their terrorizing public tactics have now moved to our streets. It is always about power and control. It is meant to bewilder, divide us, and make us question ourselves and our history. It is meant to destroy our country with revolution.

Socialism/Communism is the deadliest disease in history. We must fight this disease to survive. Slavery is an embarrassing and terrible part of our history, but it is our history. We own it. We fought to make a more perfect union, and it is important for this generation to know history because those who do not know their history are bound to repeat it. Communism enslaves people, and we are free people.

Julie Reeder can be reached by email at [email protected]


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