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Re: 'A call for Americans to get a backbone and stand up' [Village News, Letter, Terrell, 7/2/20]


Last updated 7/9/2020 at 7:08am

John, you called President Trump an inveterate liar, small town grifter and a poor loser, huckster; I believe you are all those things too.

I don’t know if you are on some “arch” liberal (works both ways doesn’t it?) payroll, but every letter starts with a long list of DNC, Alinsky-type insults of President Trump (it must gall you, huh?).

The stock market has skyrocketed from 18 to 29 times in 3 ½ years; the tax cut went to everyone (I’m barely hanging on and I got it). It’s always the same Democrat bull, “It’s only for the rich.”

Illegals breaking in is down 85%; unemployment was the lowest in history (before Covid-19).

The Democrats have been proven documented liars. We have all seen it. They tried an actual “coup” to remove a sitting President with diabolical sneaky plans. Lie after lie, not exaggerations, not white lies.

And some may be brought to justice unless it’s “engineered” to a Democrat judge.

Yet all the local letters from good holy upstanding liberals, (I mean “progressives”), are so upset with people who don’t agree with them aka “negative” people. Funny how they are never upset with comrade Terrell’s “negative” letters almost every week.

They spew their bile, but don’t see that as “negative.” Oldest Dem trick, attack, insult, condemn, and label any response or retaliation as “negative.” Grow up.

John, list all the Trump lies with hard facts. Then I’ll list all the lies Democrats have perpetrated on this country. Have a nice friendly town day.

Joseph Schembri


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JohnDBaptist writes:

The stock market is not the economy. Only people owning stock profited from the stock market's rise.And 84 percent of stock is owned by 10 percent of the population, that is, the wealthy elite. And the tax cut we got was only a few dollars, while the wealthy elite got 80 percent of the funds, amounting to multi-millions of dollars. John Terrell


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