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Re: 'A call for Americans to get a backbone and stand up' [Village News, Letters, Wilson - 6/18, Hunt, Meadows, Terrell - 7/2/20]


Last updated 7/9/2020 at 7:01am

A few years ago, I had been reading the opinion page and wondered why conservatives seldom/never wrote in. Now I know why. The bullying is over the top with a select few who have no tolerance of others’ opinions even when they say “you are entitled to your opinion,” but... That “but” always means disregard for what I just said.

When I first moved here, I met so many wonderful people, like I do wherever I have lived. Liberal, conservative, black, white, brown, Asian, gay, straight, rich, poor, etc. I have never lived anywhere where I have been more attacked personally for my political views.

Stick to the issues and debate them. Not how you feel about me personally. I do not deem all leftists as hateful, just the radical ones.

Lately, I’ve had several great conversations with a few of my liberal friends and decided to put this theory to the test. Granted they are not radical left wingers. While we seldom ever agree on any social issues, we do find common ground on the fiscal issues that affect all Americans and our country.

If you can’t have an adult debate or conversation, then why do you bother to write in? I’ve sent them copies of both sides’ letters, and they said they are embarrassed at your radical behavior. I actually respect Mr. Terrell’s views especially when he said, “We will just have to agree to disagree,” not bullying and name calling me.

This is a friendly village with many wonderful people, but there are those who are not friendly.

So, because I voice a political opinion that does not agree with your way of thinking, I am negative; a narcissistic with no compassion; I have no friends, life or a cat? Can’t have a cat with birds. What is being squashed? Your kumbaya, head in the clouds, not aware of what is going on around us? And then you tell me to move? Get a meaningful job, volunteer, etc. And you hope I slither away... Wow, that is friendly.

Even with a job and a lot of land to take care of, I have a very full and wonderful life with two family members that I love and take care of because they were kicked to the curb like trash from our very liberal, entitled family members who have no time for them now that they need help. So, I respect Ms. Wilson for what she does for her father. God bless you for that kindness.

My experiment was a success and proved my point. See you in November.

Diana Miller


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