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Re: 'Marxism is the disease we should fear' [Village News, Letter, 7/2/20]


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To Julie Reeder,

Just a personal comment to you, regarding the above referenced “opinion.” First, let me say, as an “off and on” reader of the Village News, I have, always, enjoyed your opinion columns as very thoughtful and insightful.

Your article carries the implication that it was perfectly acceptable and appropriate to deface and destroy Confederate monuments, but the others mentioned should have been left alone as they are more “worthy of respect.” I feel that it is a disgrace to tear down any of the monuments, including those of famous Confederate generals and to the poor soldiers who suffered and died in that war.

There is a wonderful concept of a “memory hole” in “1984” by George Orwell in which he states the, pardon the paraphrasing, “totalitarians would overwhelm democracy and freedom would be replaced by manipulated falsehoods imposed by ignorant and powerful reforms.”

That is, basically, what is happening today, as all monuments, statues, icons, brand names, etc., which are not in keeping with the mob agenda are being changed or destroyed.

These violent “protesters” are driven by the idea that freedom requires the destruction of the existing social and political order.

This frenzy began with the demonization of the Confederacy, which was an easy mark. Of course, anyone brave enough to defend them was labeled “racist,” “bigot,” etc., and their careers ruined. The intimidation was so great that the defenders were silenced.

President Donald Trump and various politicians predicated the cleansing would not end with the Confederacy, but would go on to encompass Washington, Jefferson and many other previous presidents and well as various historical figures. Their prediction has proven to be true.

In my opinion, none of the statues, names, icons, etc., of our historical figures should be changed or destroyed. They all make up the fabric of this country; some were good, some committed abominable acts, but they were all part of our history. It is the height of hypocrisy to zero in on the “bad” southerners, when history shows that it was the Africans who sold their own people into slavery and the Yankee and European slavers who brought them to this country and the Caribbean. So the blame game goes all around. You mentioned former Sen. Robert Byrd, whose likeness should be a candidate for destruction because he was a white supremacist. Well, again, where do you stop the witch hunt? If you eradicate all images of slave holders, then you must obliterate all images of segregationists, which would comprise most of the democratic party before 1960, white supremacist and sympathizers. Of course, Roosevelt’s images must be destroyed because he worked with segregationists, imprisoned the Japanese and refused to rescue the Jews from concentration camp. Again, where do you draw the line? 

My point is there will be no end to the cultural cleansing until every visage of our history is destroyed and rewritten, according to the ideology of the “mob.” The more we reward their horrific behavior by doing their bidding, the more demands they will make. The “pack” is powerful, and their power lies is intimidation, bullying and threats. Neither they, or any group, should be allowed to decide which historical figures are worthy and which must go. To allow this desecration to run rampant will be the undoing of our free society and tyranny will be the rule.

Yes, the Confederates deserve to remain, as well as all the others. We cannot judge the standards of a bygone age by those of modern day.  


Mary Rayes


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