Divide and conquer strategy continues


Last updated 7/17/2020 at 12:45am

I think we all should perhaps rethink the Democrat Party’s political machine stranglehold of America’s urban cities and school districts in which their power has become monopolistic and unchecked for five or six decades.

The Democrat Party’s unrelenting agenda of undermining our individual constitutional freedoms while pitting American versus American based on race, class, creed and origin has reached a breaking point in our country.

Democrats have used this divide and conquer political strategy since the early 19th century, and they continue the same strategy today...only the targets of their hatred have changed.

Their divide and conquer strategy coupled with their failed social engineering programs are what perpetuates the Democrats’ political power.

So ... rethink the Democrat Party. Perhaps it should be thrown into the same pile as the soon-to-be-obsolete Washington Redskins.

Rick Reiss


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