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Re: 'An infrastructure program is what's needed' [Village News, Letter, 7/16/20]

Mr. Terrell keeps trying to defend “Obamacare,” aka Affordable Care Act, which is a misnomer. He said the Republicans “have nothing to replace it.” Yes, they do; it’s called capitalism.

Anyone who’s been paying attention, knows “Obamacare” is the first important step to socialism; control the people’s money, which is one-fifth of the economy, and health care. Registered Republican? There’s no heart for you.

You get no choice of providers or appointment dates. “If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” “If you like your health plan, you can keep your health plan.” Talk about liars.

Jonathan Gruber, the main author of “Obamacare,” openly mocked the stupidity of the public and bragged about fooling them.

“The stupidity of the American voter led us to hide ‘Obamacare’s’ true costs from the public,” he said.

Google Gruber and hear it yourself. What’s the old maxim, “None are so blind as those that will not see?”

They had the public over the barrel because you had to buy. The deductibles and new costs were so high, it was basically like having no insurance. Because certain sub-humans within Trump’s own party helped stop cancellation of “Obamacare,” Trump was at least able to stop the mandate and break the stranglehold.

Sure, improving our infrastructure has been necessary for decades; funny how when things get old, they need repair. Surprise, surprise. Two big factors are where’s the money and how much traffic delay can you take?

Of course, if the government wasn’t shelling out billions to give free health coverage to illegals breaking into our country, we might have infrastructure money.

Dreaming everyone can go back to school and train for a new job is cute, but how do they pay the bills in the meantime? Wealthy secure people have no concept of what it is like to live hand to mouth. You know, like politicians.

Joseph Schembri


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