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Letter to the Editor


Last updated 8/20/2020 at 3:21pm

Dear Editor,

The insane speak I hear from the Left says this president has lied. I ask, about what?

He is building the wall. Even with the House against him. He has finagled a way to get it going to keep illegals out while still allowing legal immigration.

As a country we have always welcomed the world to our shores. We just ask you don’t sneak across the borders at night and the next day apply for support, like free medical, food stamps, Social Security and all of the other benefits reserved and paid for by hard working Americans. And we feel it would be nice if you followed our laws and didn't bring harm to anyone.

Trump has rebuilt our military. He has taken care of our veterans. He eliminated the wait. He fired people that were too lazy to take care of the vets.

Trump started the United States Space Force, the first new military program in centuries.

He is starting to make aspirin in this country again. Did anybody know all of our meds were coming from a foreign country? I’d say, “No, we did not know that every lab in America has been closed.” Why didn’t the media tell us?

My guess is Democrats all are accustomed to getting their paycheck from someone else. They don’t build jobs. They get paychecks.

For instance, in our state, the teachers have become so liberal they almost fall off the earth. We need to do the same thing with the California Teachers Association that Reagan did with the air traffic controllers. Fire them all.

After all, who gets tenure on the job after only two years of work? Is there any wonder, our children can’t read, do simple math let alone understand the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? These yo-yo’s are too busy teaching them to go to the bathroom together.

Now they are demanding to defund the police. Who are these crazy people teaching our children in every grade from kindergarten through their master’s programs?

Bounce the lot of them. There are plenty of Christian schools that will teach them that God is the supreme being and not Nancy Pelosi. All lives matter. He doesn’t see color. And neither do Americans especially in the Republican Party.

By the way, if the other side gets into the White House, we will have our Second Amendment rights taken away.

Black Americans need to read our history. It was a Republican that worked to set them free. Every governor fighting to keep slaves was a Democrat.

Furthermore, during the Civil Rights marches of 1963-1964 all of the governors in the south were Democrats. Here is the truth. In 1963 every southern state – Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Arkansas and South Carolina – opposed equal rights for our black brothers and sisters. And they were all Democrats. They even set dogs on non-whites. Still under the master’s thumb, blacks need to be “free at last.”

Abraham Lincoln went against southern Democrats who fought to keep their slaves during the Civil War. It was Republicans that organized and fought to set them free. The only time Democrats even talk to the black community is when it’s time to vote. Democrats as a party, cast fear into the community because they have kept them under educated, going to the worst schools in the worst neighborhoods with the worst teachers.

After all, if you’ve noticed, only Democrats notice skin color. Republicans still believe in equality.

God bless us all.

Cindy Freeland



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