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By Ann Glass 

Dear Editor,


Last updated 8/27/2020 at 7:48am

Dear Editor,

I can’t wait for the Republican National Convention to hear all of our president’s accomplishments. Clearly, the media won’t tell us what is happening at home or around the world.

Before President Donald J. Trump:

If anyone recalls, when this president took office unemployment was the highest it had been in a decade, because former President Barack Obama gave away our manufacturing jobs which supported minorities when he signed NAFTA.

Obama gave China all of our prescription medication formulas closing down more plants.

Don’t you recall that Hillary Clinton allowed our embassy and its staff to be murdered on camera in Bangladesh?

That was a first unanswered act of terror against Americans in the history of our country.

Instead, Obama secretly sent millions of dollars in an airplane to Iran telling his news corps that he’d reached a nuclear deal with Iran when truth is – he funded it.

Isis was terrorizing the Middle East and parts of Europe with random car bombings and drive-thru attacks on a daily basis.

Illegal immigrants were caravanning across our Southern borders parading into Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California by the millions.

MS-13 hoodlums were terrorizing inner cities raping young women and killing young men.

Central American cartel lords were shipping millions of kilos of illegal drugs smuggled into our country to poison our children and devasting their families.

And still illegal immigrants in Democratic-controlled cities and states harbor killers instead of allowing Immigration and Customs Enforcement to deport them.

The rumor on the internet is Obama and Bill Gates funded the Wuhan laboratory which unleashed this worldwide pandemic.

The Obama administration along with Hillary Clinton devised illegal wire taping and misuse of justice against this president. We’re waiting for justice to be served.

Democratic cities are not protecting tax paying, law-abiding citizens in big cities like New York, Portland, Seattle, Chicago and Atlanta.

San Francisco is no longer the jewel of California. It is a toilet.

North Korea threatened the West Coast with his missiles.

Democrats support Planned Parenthood abortions which are primarily minority babies. This is a sin against God.

Doesn’t anyone wonder how the redneck Clintons and the Obamas went from average to millionaires in just eight years?

How the Obamas can build a multimillion-dollar home on Martha’s Vineyard on an annual retirement of $210,700?

No one questions how the Clintons married their daughter to the son of the biggest Ponzi scammer of all times?

No one questions why Hillary Clinton buddy-buddied around with Harvey Weinstein or Bill Clinton flew off to Jeffery Epstein’s private island? These mutants were inside our White House.

No one has charged former Vice President Joe Biden with quid-pro quo and swindling Ukraine out of millions and more from China?

I have to ask why?

Even in the midst of chaos of that bogus ongoing political investigation, ongoing intrigue and internal sabotage by entrenched employees this president has withstood the onslaught.

He squelched North Korea when he declared the U.S. had a bigger button than Kim Jong-un. All has been quiet for over a year.

Trump made the other members in the United Nations’ countries pay their share.

Trump imposed sanctions on countries that didn’t pay up or honor fair trade deals.

When European countries are mad at us, it means our president is doing his job. He puts America first.

He believes in the Constitution. He believes in God.

Trump believes all lives matters by defunding the ongoing killing of unborn babies by Planned Parenthood.

Christians cannot support Planned Parenthood and abortions. If killing babies isn’t enough, they sell baby parts from those same abortions.

Trump was a millionaire when he took office, the last two Democratic presidents were millionaires when they left office.

Trump donates his annual salary to American war heroes.

His biggest fault is his love for this country and what it stands for. Ah, but that is why men before him suffered the consequence of signing the Declaration of Independence. They too were prosecuted by liberals, most lost their wealth in the end.

But, like Trump, they inspired a nation.

He doesn’t drink alcohol nor does anyone in his family. He doesn’t use drugs. Nor does anyone in his family.

When citizens across this country are buying personal protection equipment at an all-time high, there is no other person to lead this country into the next four years.

If you don’t vote in person, you’d better buy a gun for after this election.

Ann Glass



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