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Reparations, systemic racism and the Democratic Party


Last updated 9/10/2020 at 12:50pm

It is hard to believe how we have got to the point that Democrats are intentionally fomenting racial discord between Blacks and Whites, and all for the expressed purpose of gaining political advantage and retaining a core constituency group. But alas, it is happening yet again. Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and even California state Sen. Holly Mitchell are all calling for reparations because of slavery and the historical mistreatment and repression of blacks in America.

Slavery and systemic racism have become the preferred political weapons used by Democrats to bludgeon their favorite target, the Republicans. With media and academia’s aid, the Democratic Party has disguised and distorted its racist past. A distortion of facts masterly inculcated for the least informed among us, culminating in the most contemptible fraud committed on Americans since the Republic’s founding. And what miraculous illusionists the Dems have become to pull off this colossal cover-up. Instead of seeking redemption for their racist past, Democrats have chosen to bear false witness against their political nemesis, the Republican Party.

History is replete with contradictions, but there is no denying who is to blame for slavery and systemic racism in America. Southern Democrats started the Civil War, and why? Because they refused to abolish slavery as demanded by the abolitionists, who, by the way, were mostly Republicans. It was a Republican president, Abraham Lincoln, who was repulsed by the institution of slavery. So much so that he risked the nation’s fate pursuing a tumultuous four-year Civil War to abolish slavery, only to lose his life in the end.

And it was Lincoln who gave life to the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery. It was Republican Thaddeus Stevens who drafted legislation for the 14th Amendment extending the basic rights of citizens to the formerly enslaved people. And it was Republican President Ulysses Grant who advocated for the passage of the 15th Amendment guaranteeing the right to vote to all males regardless of their color. Nearly 700,000 Americans died in the Civil War, accounting for more deaths than any other war in our nation’s history. Among the casualties were 300,000 Union soldiers, who were mostly all Republicans, who gave their lives in the righteous calling of ending slavery.

After losing the Civil War, even in defeat, the Southern Democrats dishonored themselves by spending the next 100 years resisting the war’s outcome. And resist they did, perpetrating unimaginable atrocities and all done to punish and retain the control of the emancipated slaves. With unlimited prejudice and unmeasured malice, Democrats conspired against the emancipated slaves. They constructed a two-tiered society denying the newly freed slaves their civil rights.

To enforce their unrighteous intentions, the Democrats convened a paramilitary group known as the KKK. Sadly, there was no time to celebrate their new status in society at the end of the war. Life was harsh and unforgiving, but the Ku Klux Klan made life unbearable. With unbridled impunity, the Klan members terrorized blacks, threatening them, beating many and tragically lynching others. Life for the newly freed slaves in the south was a living hell, and sadly, it would remain that way for the next 100 years.

The Democrats, captured by their unrepentant hatred for freed slaves, initiated a poll tax specifically aimed to deprive blacks of their votes. To keep Blacks separated from integrating with whites, “Jim Crow Laws” were established to separate them. For decades, the Democrats punished and controlled their former slaves and their descendants by marshaling sheriffs like Bull Conner, turning water cannons on them when they were peacefully protesting for equal rights. They summoned governors like George Wallace, who stood defiantly in the way of integrating schools. For decades Democrats, not Republicans, had their knee on the necks of blacks.

But then a new scheme was conceived that guaranteed Black votes for Democrats for the next 56 years. In 1964, disguised as compassion, Democratic President Johnson launched a new federal program called the “War on Poverty.” Sadly, the newly minted federal welfare programs, which were rolled out to help black Americans out of poverty, ultimately undermined Black families and decimated their wealth for the next five decades.

For the small price of voting for Democrats and their policies, the Dems offered government assistance for life. Ultimately this unholy compact would end up robbing many Blacks of the dignity of work and sentencing them and their families to generations of disillusionment and despair trapped in welfare programs. After spending $22 trillion on these federal welfare programs, there are 13 million more Americans in poverty today than there were in 1964. Not surprising, right? After all, the Democrats never really intended to end poverty with the “War on Poverty” programs. No, the Democrats’ real objective was to regain control of Black American’s lives and secure their votes forever.

Today Kamala Harris and Joe Biden argue for reparations for Black Americans because of slavery and systemic racism. One thing is for sure; there is no shortage of hypocrisy with these two politicians. For Harris’ part, it is a particularly thorny problem from a woman whose ancestors were slave owners? It seems that her great-grandfather was a former plantation and slave owner. Maybe she is not the best advocate to represent reparations? And then there’s Joe Biden and his recently uncovered racist comment made back in 1978 when asked about integrating students by busing Blacks to White schools. Biden’s response, “I don’t want my children to grow up in a racial jungle.”

Has anyone asked him yet what he was implying when he said, “racial jungle?”

History confirms that the Democrats are guilty of perpetuating slavery, fighting to preserve it and denying civil rights to Black Americans for nearly 100 years following the Civil War. So, if the Dems insist on pursuing reparations for the former descendants of slaves, all plaintiffs should seek financial damages specifically and directly with the Democratic National Party. Perhaps claimants should include the DNC’s donor class, their allies in academia and their surrogates in the media, who continue to stoke racial divisions perpetuating this hoax and misdirecting their guilt. And all with their expressed purpose of slandering their political opponents, President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. In the case that Harris still plans to undertake this racially divisive witch-hunt, financial restitution should enjoin the descendants of the 300,000 abolitionist soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their lives in the noble cause of ending slavery.

Dave Maynard


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