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By Jeff Pack
Staff Writer 

The sky is green


Last updated 9/10/2020 at 1:02pm

The sky is green.

Telling me differently won’t change the fact that the sky is absolutely green.

Presenting me with photographic evidence otherwise, showing me scientific proof thanks to thousands of hours of hard work by unbiased scientists won’t convince me.

The sky is green.

Do you know how I know? Because I believe it to be green.

Gone are the days of my reliance on elitist experts, proof and evidence. All I really need is my belief system, my echo chamber of associates, YouTube videos, my chosen political party leadership and…

Wait, hold the phone. I just looked up.

It turns out the sky is rather kind of blue, much more than it is green.

Stop the presses, I just looked again and it has now changed to colors of pinks, reds and oranges.

It changes nothing.

The sky could be green, or depending on one’s perspective, it could become green. Nobody can prove it won’t become green, and thus, I remain correct in my perspective that the sky is green.

Though my eyes tell me the sky is blue and oftentimes changes to varying colors that do not even come close to being classified as green, I remain steadfast in my opinion.

I refuse to admit I was wrong which would be confessing I experienced a perspective less than complete or based in overwhelming proof of reality. I won’t deny the claims of those I have chosen to follow, to rebroadcast and to validate with my acceptance.

I can’t and I won’t believe my eyes and overwhelming logic.

Admitting the falsehoods in my beliefs would reveal cracks in my system. I must remain strong because the unraveling could be devastating to my station in life, my relationships and my standing in my fellow misguided community.

I know. I could justify my inability to admit my error by pushing a chaotic, baseless new narrative.

Here it is.

I know the sky is green because I do not see color.

Those of you in the “blue sky” community have terrorized my beliefs with your photos, your videos and your scientific evidence. You mock and scold and plead with me to believe the evidence, but I see right through you – colorless of course.

Wouldn’t it just be so convenient if the sky was blue? All those songs would make sense, that poetry would create lovely visuals, and it would all be so perfect.

This “blue sky” conspiracy goes back generations, hundreds of years perhaps, all for the profit and advancement of a yet-discovered entity that exists for the sole purpose of controlling us all.

For what purpose, you ask? Well, isn’t that obvious?

What you simply fail to realize is that who I have come to be in my “green sky” belief system, my identity, my purpose and my very existence depends on holding true to the belief that my belief is valid and worthy of acceptance simply because … I believe it. I really, really want to believe it.

And how dare you question that belief.

For when you do, you reveal yourself to be part of the conspiracy, part of the global effort to squash people like me – because we see the truth without even having to witness it.

And we don’t have to prove anything to you or anyone else. All we have to do is repeat it over and over until more people begin to believe in our beliefs.

And if we get loud enough, if we become strong enough politically or socially, we can overturn the rules of data, logic and scientific understanding.

Then we can extend that bastardization of proof to other widely accepted truths.

The ocean can be purple.

The moon can be magenta.

Viruses can become a construct of a secret society to control the masses.

Protective masks steal your dreams.

Bias can be whatever we say it is.

Racism doesn’t exist in America.

Oh yes … the sky is green, all right. The sky is green.

Jeff Pack can be reached by email at [email protected]


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