Trump must go


Last updated 10/15/2020 at 5:46pm

Trump, upon his return to the White House from Walter Reed Hospital, said: "Don't be afraid of the coronavirus [COVID-19], don't let it dominate your lives." To see video: Google (or other browser): "Trump tells supporters 'don't be afraid of coronavirus in new video"

This is absolutely beyond the pale. From the start, Trump has flouted the recommendations of the CDC and continues to set a horrible example for his followers. Thanks to his failure to lead, there are now more than 200,000 Americans who don’t have to “fear” COVID-19 anymore. That number would have been far smaller, had Trump not “downplayed” the seriousness of the pandemic. And it’s not over. The pandemic is still in control, needless deaths will continue until we collectively start acting like adults and follow the simple protocols proposed by the CDC.

Just three parts:

1. Wash hands frequently and sanitize areas that might have been contaminated

2. Maintain social distance.

3. Wear a mask when there is any possibility of social distance being breached.

None of these is 100% effective on its own, but together they are effective in slowing the progress of COVID-19 to manageable levels until a significant number, perhaps two thirds of Americans, have received a safe and effective vaccination. But Trump has insisted on having a vaccine now, with safety and effectiveness being details that can be worked out later. I refuse to be a guinea pig and you should, too. Listen to the scientists.

I believe Trump’s failure to act responsibly on the pandemic amounts to nonfeasance and his totally irresponsible COVID-19 advice amounts to malfeasance, constituting grounds for impeachment or removal under Amendment 25. Trump must go.

John H. Terrell


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