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By Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal
Special to Village News 

Kicking It for a Happy New Year, 2021


Last updated 12/30/2020 at 2:29am

Twenty-twenty is soon to be over! As the clock ticks toward 2021, my husband reminded me this column was once a light-hearted ramble.

Somehow over the months living around the China virus, my lost birthday celebration trip to Europe, multiple stay-at-home edicts mandated unconstitutionally by elected officials, unrestrained violence in our major cities, an unethical national media, coupled with a corrupted election, it appears, I have lost my sense of humor.

Actually, this past year has been a comedy in itself. Politicians have lied to our faces as they falsely accuse others of their own misdeeds and as recently as two nights ago a leftwing coordinator with the alleged new administration had the gall to say the current administration was still entangled with the Russians. My gawd. Do they never shut up with their lies? Unlike the Obama administration that spied on the incoming government, I for one am relieved to know the transition of power will move slowly.

Lest we forget, our President was cleared of all misgivings on every level and lost 3.5 years of productivity thanks to all of the mischief led by Nancy Pelosi and her band of merry disrupters.

Clearly, the spokeswoman claiming, “Russia, Russia, Russia” has not peered into the ugly truths within her party. What about that darling Hunter Biden? What a disgrace he is. She might also take a long look into the self-aggrandizing California U.S. Representative who is or was sleeping with a Chinese-Russian spy. Furthermore, said Representative is on the Intelligence Committee in Congress – another oxymoron.

I am not laughing, are you?

Looking ahead as AOC takes over the environment and threatens to kill our cows, might I recommend she keep the cows for milk for our children and dump their paper diapers. Might she look into saving the glaciers by banning cruise ships into American ice fjords. That would also stop helicopter flights onto them while keeping swarms of hot-bodied-day trippers from scrunching over the delicate ecosystems encased in the ice.

Furthermore, she might use her big mouth to protect the world’s ice caps by campaigning internationally to close the Arctic and Antarctic to travel. And for me, she could pause all travel to the Galapagos Islands. For goodness sakes, leave the turtles and the giant blue-footed boobies at peace! These measures above all else will slow down the devastation to our delicate planet.

In AOCs desire to deprive Americans of our personal transportation, might she first stop all private airplane flights for all public officials. And then she can open her eyes and address plastic. Plastic of all kinds. Period.

Plastic is like nuclear waste. It doesn’t go away. There are barges filled with plastic waste floating at sea around the world. She could do something useful like replacing all plastic bottles with waxed paper cartons when fulfilling humanitarian supplies to the world.

Pure and simple it is this mountain of waste that is strangling the planet perpetrated by the biggest contributors, China and India with more deaths from pollution than this virus. But Dems want to blame Americans for everything, especially this President. Yet, the U.S. has some of the lowest emissions worldwide!

Next of course, the Dems want your guns. And depending on the Georgia election, they just might get them.

Now, that’s not funny either.

As I watch my constitutional rights evaporate, I am reminded that our founding fathers believed the only way our country would fail was from within. It seems their fears are coming true.

For the first time in nearly 76 years, I am afraid for the future. I fear the loss of public protection by our police. I fear new mandates from the state and federal levels altering our personal freedoms. I fear all future elections will also be manipulated by vote-counting cheats who work late into the night.

As I see it, the light is going out in America. And nobody is laughing.

As we head into this new year only one sector of this country’s population is ruling. They demonstrate through their words their desire to over-ride fairness while perpetuating evil.

In 20 days, January 20, 2021, our future no longer belongs to us. That day will go down as the day we lost our Constitutional rights as citizens of this once great country. God Bless America. My 2021 prayer.

And it is no laughing matter.

Elizabeth Youngman-Westphal can be reached at [email protected]


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