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Re: 'Response to Fallbrook Democratic Club 'ad' and Maldonado/Stamos letter [Village News, Letter, 1/28/21]


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Sue Jones’ response (co-president, Republican Women of Fallbrook) clearly reveals the state of delirium that currently exists in the GOP. In her letter defending Rep. Issa’s vote to overturn the results of this past November’s presidential election, she states …

“By voting to object to the ‘certified’ votes in several states, he was doing exactly what we, his constituents, elected him (Issa) to do and that was to support former President Donald Trump.”

First I would hope, whether we voted for Mr. Issa or for Mr. Campa-Najjar, that each of us anticipated that the candidate we voted for would first and foremost represent the interests of this district in deference to all others. I would hope that none of us had expectations that our candidate would be one who would interfere with the will of the voters of Georgia, or Pennsylvania, or Michigan; most certainly we wouldn't stand for it if representatives of other states acted to overturn our vote!

Second, Mr. Issa's oath of office, which he took just days before, was to defend (and I would add, to abide by) the Constitution and the laws of this nation. The vote to override the will of the voters in Georgia by Congress was a clear violation of the constitutionally protected principle of states' rights (the federal government is given authority over the states only as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution), a fundamental right the GOP was a staunch adherent to and promoter of in the not so distant past. With his vote to impose his will over the will of the voters of Georgia, Mr. Issa participated in an outright attack on one of the primary principles of democracy, the sanctity of the ballot.

In summary, we did not elect Mr. Issa to make all other responsibilities of office subordinate to the defense of the former president, a man who urged his followers to lay siege on the Capital yet did not have the courage to even take one step with them. Former President Kennedy spoke of profiles in courage, yet the actions of the former president can only be best described as a profile in cowardice. And Mr. Issa's vote in favor of nullifying the will of the voters of Georgia, in defense of the indefensible, was clearly an abuse of the powers of his office and a violation of his freshly taken oath!

John van Doorn


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