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By Julie Reeder

Watch the impeachment political theater yourself – skip the nightly news


Last updated 2/10/2021 at 5:23pm

So as of press time on Tuesday, we are starting the second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump. My hope is that everyone will watch the proceedings in their entirety themselves and not watch one minute of nightly news.

You don’t need anyone to interpret anything for you. Please just watch it yourself, despite what a waste of time it may seem. I understand that it is easier to be spoon fed someone’s interpretation or narrative on what is happening for a few minutes each night, but we need to be more diligent and think for ourselves after seeing the whole picture.

Trump’s lawyers are going to argue that the Senate has no jurisdiction to try a former official who is now a private citizen. In fact it will be the first time in history. They will argue that the charge against the 45th president is deficient, as was the first impeachment, and that his right to free speech was violated by the article of impeachment. They will also argue that the “incitement” accusation has been contradicted by the transcript of the Jan. 6 speech itself, as well as the fact that there is evidence the breach was preplanned.

Democrats allege that the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was incited by Trump using the words “fight like hell” in reference to his team’s legal efforts with election integrity.

Trump’s attorneys are reportedly planning on pointing out several Democrats who also used the word “fight” when talking about election security. In addition, they may use video of Democrats calling on constituents to actually bully Trump supporters and staff when they are in public with their families.

This political theater is doomed to fail because they don’t have the votes as they didn’t the first time around. The first impeachment failed because there was actually nothing inappropriate with the phone call Trump had with the Ukrainian president, but it didn’t matter. It did what it was supposed to do. It provided ample political theater, soundbites and unbelievably biased news stories for months which brought more division and anger just like the Russia collusion conspiracy theory. Never mind that as vice president, Joe Biden actually did what they were accusing Trump of and it was caught on video. Biden actually threatened to withhold money from the Ukraine if they didn’t fire the investigator that was looking into Barisma and Hunter Biden.

Never mind that the crooked FBI already had the laptop with all the evidence they needed showing Hunter’s business deals with Ukraine, China, Russia, and Iran which peddled U.S. influence with his Vice President father.

Never mind that every major social media platform “fact checked” and censored legitimate news sources that had reported those stories to keep them from the American public until after the election. The complicit nightly news just needed to influence and win the election.

So, while Washington DC is playing “lookie lookie, listen, listen” with one hand in the air distracting the American public with political theater, look what is going on with the other hand. It is signing a historic number of executive orders pushing radical political agendas.

Julie Reeder can be reached by email at [email protected]


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