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Rebuttal to Terrell letter [Village News, 3/11/21]


Last updated 3/24/2021 at 2:36pm

After all I said, that is what you came away with? I shake my head when you say “standard ballot containers and nothing happening.” What was taken out of context? You dismissed the whole “context” of what was going on that led up to the stolen ballot counting. Numerous affidavits said they were told “they were shutting down for the night and told to go home.”

They were videotaped pulling these suitcases out from under tables and wheeled over to voter counting machines. These suitcases are not standard ballot containers. They are never stored under tables. Why did they tell everyone to go home and when the coast was clear they proceeded in doing their evil deed of counting fake ballots? You have to be either ignorant, delusional or a card carrying Socialist/Communist, so I am moving on as there is no reasoning with it. Your uncanny ability to deflect from the truth is scary but typical.

Survey says... Trump got close to 85-95 million when you consider that the Dominion voting machines flipped an estimated 20-40 million votes to Biden. There is no way Biden got more than Obama.

For those of you who voted for Biden/Harris, you are getting what you deserve and the best is yet to come of what Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest have in store for you and the rest of American citizens. It’s just a shame that some of us will have to endure the wrath. Here’s a little of what to expect.

Your vote resulted in tens of thousands of illegals coming across the border, some sick with the coronavirus. These people are being released into our cities and states. You lock down your own citizens and destroy our businesses and then you let in thousands of illegals. Yet people coming here legally are sent to the back of the line. You’ve got children with no parents being sent here. You’ve got pregnant girls getting ready to give birth to an anchor citizen. You’ve got thugs, criminals and gang members. Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas calls home your troops and protects your own borders. When the feds try to stop you, give them the finger. You have a right and a duty to protect your state and all its citizens. Gov. Gavin Newsom of California has been derelict in running this state and should be impeached.

Your vote means thousands of our proud to serve National Guard are wasting away in the Capitol eating moldy, bug ridden, half-cooked food and sleeping on the cold concrete in a parking garage.

Yet Portland, Oregon, is still burning. Protecting Washington’s cronies is nothing but a circus show. There is no threat; it’s all fake.

Your vote for a dumbed-down president who is taking orders from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and asks for permission to take questions “if that’s what he is supposed to do, Nance.”

Shame on Jill Biden, who is not a doctor but wants us to call her that, for putting her first lady ambitions first as the rest of us and the world hang our heads in sympathy as we watch you make a mockery of the highest office in the land with your poor husband’s dementia on display. How much longer will you make him suffer before springing Harris on us?

Your vote silenced the investigation into Biden’s real corruption and collusion with China.

So now China’s Xi Jinping has drawn a line in the sand for the U.S. to not cross. You can bet most conservatives will end up like the China Uyghurs with their organs harvested when sent off to “Woke Education Camps.”

Your vote for a cancel culture is coming for each and every one of you who does not comply with everything they have in store for you. Big tech, big corporations, big government and all the elites are coming for you. You’ve given them the power. We thank you Ms. Reeder for your courage and wisdom to report true journalism while you still can.

Your vote just got a $1.9 trillion relief package for other countries and to bail out Democratic-run states like California who are irresponsible and bankrupted.

Less than 9% goes to the people. It’s what Pelosi calls crumbs for the people. Crumbs indeed, while billions go to pork-filled pet projects and other countries. Look it up; I kid you not.

Your vote just made you dependent on foreign oil, while killing tens of thousands of high paying jobs here. Mr. Heinz-Kerry where are all these solar panels jobs you are talking about? In China? So are these unemployed pipeline workers moving their families to China to work? Maybe Mr. Heinz-Kerry can fly them over in his personal jet that he flies around in to receive his awards.

Gas is headed to over $4 a gal now and all the while making OPEC king again.

I really can go on and on, but John Terrell, it was you and your kind that got us here, so where are you taking us now?

Tune into FOX News and Newsmax for the truth. It will set you free from the idiot woke crowd because you haven’t seen nothing yet.

Shanika Benson


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