Re: 'Effort to recall FUHSD board president' [Village News, 4/22/21]


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After reading about “another recall,” I felt compelled to pen this letter. Although my wife and I do not have any children in the district anymore, we do have working knowledge of how things work.

A brief timeline of events. In the spring 2020, schools get shut down for the pandemic, and there is no clear direction how to proceed statewide. In the summer 2020, Fallbrook Union High School District develops a plan for reopening as per the governor.

In the fall 2020, the teachers negotiate an agreement to stay out of the classroom and off the campus until the state returns to the “orange level.” Schools could have been opened otherwise. The district shows reopening plans that highlight the hybrid model. Nothing is said or commented about this plan.

Fast forward to spring, the governor is throwing money at schools to reopen. Teachers went to the district and said they wanted some of this money. So, the district agrees to give the teachers 2.75% bonus pay for returning while the county is in the red tier.

Interesting? I think so. Today, the hybrid schedule, which had been publicized last fall, is now put into action. And just now parents are upset. It seems as though this recall is like a personal vendetta toward an elected official. These times we are in are not ideal for anyone, let alone one area.

Secondly, there are plenty of schools where students attend their three days a week in a block schedule format. Thirdly, the districts’ hands were tied by the teachers who miraculously decided it was safe to come back after a little payola bump.

Recall? With like six weeks of school remaining, it’s simply ludicrous. Thank you for listening.

Harold Jenkins


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