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Re: 'Critical Race Theory - What's the big deal' [Village News, Terrell letter 6/24/21] and 'Woke Foundations' [Village News, Terrell letter 7/8/21]


Last updated 7/17/2021 at 8:54am

Mr. Terrell's critique of this whole subject of CRT and actually the correct reporting of Chris Rufo is all a smoke screen and a big fat lie. There is not one ounce of truth or even common sense as to what Terrell is saying. Did you even read the whole series reported by Ms Reeder on the CRT subject? CRT is nothing more than divisive ideas disguised as "diversity training."

In reality it is Brainwashing for Idiots 101. Some have mastered language to manipulate and twist words to make it fit their agenda. Nevertheless still a Marxist agenda. Please explain to me why so many people, including now informed parents, are against these racist teachings?

If CRT its not what we say it is, then why do my lying eyes read it for what it is? Why do all my friends denounce this as crap teachings? Because it is a reversed racist agenda. I bet you are an American terrorist throwback from the Bill Ayers Weathered Underground movement who wants to remake our Country.

Please read up on all the corruption being discovered about the finances of the BLM Global Network. And Sir, I do get to question (at least for now) where the money is going when they extort, lie and threaten back-lash in the name of social justice.

While the social justice disease has spread to other countries, the majority of them are nothing more than corrupted, spoiled trust funded babies who have been brainwashed in our public schools and colleges to the point that they believe this garbage. I am a card carrying member of the NFIB so I speak to many business owners. Profit is not our only priority! If you have never owned a business you have no insight.

Shanika Benson


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