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By Julie Reeder

Why can't we just follow the science?


Last updated 7/17/2021 at 8:55am

Why can’t we just follow the science? What are we following? We put up with lockdowns and distancing, masks and experimental jabs. Now our politicians are encouraging students and pregnant women to take a shot that clearly has a high rate of negative incidents, health issues, miscarriages and deaths as proven by the government VAERS database. Why are we masking our children when they have almost a zero chance of getting the virus or passing it?

Three recent studies out of the UK have proven that children do not need an experimental vaccine to protect them from a virus that isn’t a threat to them.

During the first year of the pandemic in England, of the 3,105 total children who died from all causes, 61 were children who had tested positive for the CCP virus.

The study found that after “differentiating between those who died of SARS-CoV-2 infection and those who died of an alternative cause but coincidentally tested positive,” the researchers determined that only 25 of the 61 children had died of COVID-19 in a population of more than 12 million children.

They concluded that this equated to a mortality rate of about two in a million.

Russell Viner, a pediatrician and professor at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health in an OP-Ed piece dated July 4, 2021, in the Guardian wrote, “The majority of deaths in under-18s have been in children with severe medical conditions or disabilities, who are vulnerable every winter regardless of Covid. The risk of dying of Covid for otherwise healthy children is closer to one in 2 to 3 million.”

But what about the Delta variant?

“Although this data (the UK study) covers up to February 2021, this hasn’t changed recently with the Delta variant,” said Dr. Elizabeth Whittaker, senior clinical lecturer in pediatric infectious diseases and immunology at Imperial College London. “We hope this data will be reassuring for children and young people and their families.”

In the U.S. we’ve already proven that the experimental “vaccine” is a problem and sometimes lethal. The inventor of the mRNA technology is publicly saying that young people, children and pregnant women should not be taking the risk.

Why can’t we just follow the science?

Maybe we need to follow the money.

What about masking children?

Why are we masking children who are actively running and jumping and need all their oxygen and fresh air when they have only a two in a million chance of dying from this virus?

It doesn’t make sense. And while we are so concerned about health, why aren’t we concerned about these children’s health?

Even the World Health Organization recommends no masks be required to be worn by children up to 5 years old. The WHO also recommended that policymakers weigh different facts when mulling whether to impose mask requirements on children between the ages of 6 and 11, such as the probability of contracting the virus in the area where the child is and the latest data concerning spread from children.

Well, we have that data and it clearly doesn’t necessitate children wearing masks. But like so much of this pandemic, we are not following the science.

According to Dr. Jayanta Bhattacharya, a professor of medicine at Stanford University and a research associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research, “Children should not wear a mask while doing sports or other physical activities, though they should maintain distancing of at least 1 meter from others, adding that masks can interfere with the learning process in schools and can have a negative impact on activities like physical education and mealtimes.

Bhattacharya also responded to how YouTube recently removed a video of a roundtable held by Florida governor DeSantis that featured him and others talking about COVID-19 policies.

“It’s absolutely shocking,” the professor said, adding that engaging in science means weighing different evidence about various matters.

“I think a healthy discussion, if they, if YouTube thinks that children should wear masks, make that argument. Show us the evidence, show us your reasoning, and we can have a discussion,” he said about the video, which is still available on other sites.

“So, they’re not actually trying to protect the public from an ineffective way, what they’re trying to do is they want to warn the public that this is a dangerous idea. Well, if they’re going to do that, they have a moral obligation to actually make arguments. They just censored it. They want to create this aura of you shouldn’t hear this idea, as if it’s some banned book. Rather than arguing why the banned book is bad, they just say it should be banned. They’re the moral inheritors of book burners.”

A group of parents in Gainesville, Florida, sent six masks of their children to a lab at the University of Florida requesting an analysis of contaminants found on the masks after they were worn. They were all clean before the day started. The university found that after one day of use, five masks were contaminated with bacteria, parasites and fungi, including three with dangerous pathogenic and pneumonia-causing bacteria. In addition, less dangerous pathogens were identified including pathogens that can cause fever, ulcers, acne, yeast infections, strep throat and periodontal disease.

Adults can stick up for themselves and make their own decisions, but we need to stick up for science and children, even if it isn’t popular and bullies call us names.


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