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The DePatie Melt partners with the Epilepsy Foundation

Marissa Lopez

Special to Village News

Guitarist, composer, and songwriter John DePatie collaborated with longtime friend, songwriter, and founder of Art2Ride, Will Faerber to create a "feel good song" after the sudden death of a 19-year-old friend due to epilepsy. As a way of helping process grief, DePatie brought the song to Faerber who added his own contribution to the lyrics and music.

Their new single, "The Song We Will Remember," is a song that will uplift and bring the feeling of warmth that lies at the core of the inspiration behind the song. Unlike their other great hits, The DePatie Melt's "The Song We Will Remember" was written in memory of a close friend, Annika, who passed away due to a misdiagnosis.

Elements that are presented in the song draw from inspiration of other rock artists from the 80s that Annika liked such as Queen. The song is about remembering a loss and carrying it forward in life. It's about remembering that there are losses in life but that doesn't change the beauty in life.

The project brought both DePatie and Faerber to work on the song in a fluid manner and what started as a personal memory flourished into something bigger than just a song for someone. It became a song for everyone. The preventable death of a young soul led to bringing awareness and understanding of epilepsy to everyone who hears the song.

"The best of things come the quickest, for some reason or another." Faerber said about writing the song. Every step of the way, from the instrumental to the lyrics, was a process that fell into its own place to create this song.

When asked what they hope their new single and partnership with the Epilepsy Foundation will do besides bring awareness, Faerber responded, "Without epilepsy, the ideas of the song are pretty universal, I think, that you can apply in moments of your life. Hopefully not just people who have epilepsy will be able to appreciate this and find something in it for them."

Responding to the same question, DePatie said, "It was written very specifically for our friend that we lost, but it did occur to us as we were doing it that over the last year and a half a lot of people have lost someone due to the pandemic and really it can apply to anybody. We as artists like to create something that people can connect with. It would make me feel so gratified if somebody said, 'Well that's the song that I put on to feel better' about whatever loss they're experiencing. Something that they're going to carry forward with them."

To join their journey in bringing awareness and learning more about the Epilepsy Foundation, the most direct support is to go on their page or watch their YouTube video and donate directly at "The Song We Will Remember" can be found on all musical platforms.

Submitted by the Epilepsy Foundation.


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