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Re: 'Critical Race Theory - What's the big deal and 'Woke Foundations' [Village News, Benson letter, 7/15/21]

For brevity, I will refer to the author of the subject letter as “you.”

You should know by now that just because you say something is true doesn’t make it so. You make a number of allegations but provide no evidence. I provide citations for my allegations: you provide none. I do not accept Rufo’s definition of CRT. According to Rufo, any mention of racism is CRT. I will not accept that. CRT has already been defined.

You ask: “Please explain to me why so many people, including now informed parents, are against these racist teachings?” You assume something not in evidence when you refer to “informed” parents. Of course, parents who heard Rufo’s version of CRT are upset. Also, I doubt you have lying eyes, but I have no doubt your eyes have been lied to. You were warned: Rufo said he was going to lie to everyone regarding CRT. That includes you.

You asked me to read about all the corruption in the BLM Global Network. I did an internet search and could find none. I did see this attempt to smear BLM co-founder Cullors on Snopes (4/14/21). Search on “No Evidence BLM Co-Founder Patrisse Cullors Used Donations To Buy House.”

You say you are a card carrying member of the NFIB so you speak to many business owners. That’s good. But the Census Bureau says in 2018 (latest data available) there were 6.1 million employer firms in the U.S., so I seriously doubt your sampling is a reliable indicator of business sentiment.

And last, you say: “If you have never owned a business you have no insight.” I’ll discount the other possibility, that I owned a business and still have no insight. I had a full career as an employee, from grunt to manager. I retired from that at age 58 and started my own bookkeeping and tax preparation business, which I retired from a few years ago. Call it ego, but I feel my experience in bookkeeping and income taxes has given me an edge in evaluating how money is spent and how it is documented. Both fields stress that only recorded data is evidence. Allegations, alone, just don’t cut it.

John H. Terrell


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