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Re: 'High School recall group offers to pick up signatures' [Village News, 7/8/21]

As I have written before regarding the recall of FUHSD Board President, I find it appalling that this group wishes to have the district use even more funds to recall one board member, when there are five, especially since the claim is that the district will be operating in a deficit for the 2022-2023 school year.

As far as the claim of grades plummeting and mental health issues, we are coming out of a pandemic. Poor grades and mental health are a problem at every single school. As far as 88% not meeting state standards in Math, how is that one person’s fault?

Shouldn’t teachers and administration be held accountable for some of that? To use the term “selfish goals” for any board member who has volunteered to run for said position and upon being elected has an incredible learning curve to understand how intricate the business of education sounds vindictive. My question to the recall committee, is there another agenda? If so, be truthful about it rather than masking it.

As a closing statement, the last two seats for board members ran unopposed. It seems as though nobody wants the job. Please step up and run for the board.

Harold Jenkins


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